IJSBA was sent the latest results from the 5th round of the 2013 UAE Championship. We can see why. UAE still maintained some hometown wins. Steven Dauliach won Pro Ski GP... Are you sure you really want to retire, Steven?

Here is the story from team Qatar:


Full results (pdf)

Qataris dominate in fifth heat of UAE Waterbike DUBAI

Three Qatari riders were joined by a couple of UAE lads and a Frenchman at the end of the fifth heat of the UAE Waterbike Championship held at the Al Mamzar Beach here on Saturday [March 16].

Leading the trio from Qatar was national team sailor Walid Mahmoud Al Sharshini as the 21-year-old remained dominating in the Pro Runabout GP class to finish ahead of Mahammad Jasem Al Baz of Kuwait and Japan’s Jun Ikoma who had to race with a broken piston but still took third overall at the end of the two motos.

Walid Al Sharshini is a sailor by profession, having remained on the Qatar national sailing team for the past ten years now while picking up a Laser Radial silver medal at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha.

“Jet Ski racing is a hobby for me,” the Doha lad said.
“But it is a hobby that is quite expensive and I am finding it tough to continue with my own funding,” he added.

Two other Qataris followed Walid Al Sharshini at the top of the podium. Tamir Abu Faisal won both his races in the Novice Runabout Stock class to finish ahead of the Kuwaiti pair of Nawaf Mohammad Al Farhan and Abdul Aziz Al Omar.

And in the Expert Runabout Stock class, it was Rashid Al Manai asserting the Qatari domination with third and first place finishes in the two motos to finish clear of Khalid Bu Rabie and Mohammad Bu Rabea, both from Kuwait.

The UAE challenge was led by Jaber Mohammad Saif Al Ma’asam and Saif Mohammad Saif Al Ma’asam as they went on to win the Ski Junior Stock class and Expert Ski Limited class, respectively.

The lone Frenchman taking top honours was the experienced Steven Duliach as he won both the motos to top the Pro Ski GP class.

Ali Juma Bin Ghulaita, Acting CEO of Dubai International Marine Club was pleased with the response to the penultimate heat of this annual championship held under the auspices of the UAE Marine Sports Federation. “This championship has grown over the years and it is our wish to take things to the next level,” Ali Juma Bin Ghulaita said.

“We have loads of enthusiasm and along with it we have some of the best facilities for this sport. Now we only require some more support from various institutions so that we can have something even better to allow this sport to grow further,” he added.

Novice Runabout Stock: 1. Tamir Abu Faisal (Qatar); 2. Nawaf Mohammad Al Farhan (Kuwait); 3. Abdul Aziz Al Omar (Kuwait).

Expert Ski Limited: 1. Saif Mohammad Saif Al Ma’asam (UAE); 2. Rashid Abdullah Al Owais (UAE); 3. Abdul Aziz Al Omar (Kuwait).

Expert Runabout Stock: 1. Rashid Al Manai (Qatar); 2. Khalid Bu Rabie (Kuwait); 3. Mohammad Bu Rabea (Kuwait).

Pro Ski GP: 1. Steven Duliach (France); 2. Necho Annalias (Spain); 3. Keven Retierer (Austria).

Ski Junior Stock: 1. Jaber Mohammad Saif Al Ma’asam (UAE); 2. Coste Evan (France); 3. Gactan Subils (France).

Pro Runabout GP: 1. Walid Mahmoud Al Sharshini (Qatar); 2. Mohammad Jasem Al Baz (Kuwait); 3. Jun Ikoma (Japan).

Free Style:1. Khaled Al Qubaisi(UAE) 2. Mohammed Saeed Al Rumaithi(UAE) 3. Sultan Tawar(Qatar)