December 22, 2015


PWCOFFSHORE.COM’s Mark Gerner To Sponsor 1st Place “Best Pit Crew” Trophy and 2nd Best Crew Award for Pit Crews Participating In The 2016 Hot Products Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile PWC Race in Lake Havasu City, AZ


The Hot Products Mark Hahn 300 mile PWC race is a test of pilot, technicians, craft and PWC Pit Crew.  Pit Crews are challenged to recover, fuel and launch PWCs in less than a minute, this is no easy task. This process requires planning, process evaluation and improvement, practice and perfect execution on race day. Mark Gerner said “We are happy to sponsor the “Best Pit Crew” award, the Pit Crews work exceptionally hard prior to and on race day and deserve all of the recognition they receive.  Many of the fuelers train year around to have the necessary strength to throw around 80 pounds of fuel.”  Mike Follmer said “Pit crews are a big part of winning this event, getting their rider is and out and not spilling any fuel can make or break a team’s success in this event.  This race race is the 12th Annual Hot Products Mark Hahn Havasu 300 Presented by Yamaha.”


Pit crews make it all happen at this event, we are glad to recognize their efforts. Race officials will make the top two Pit Crew selection based on their observations of the Crews throughout the race.


Race Date:  2/27/2016

Location: Crazy Horse Campground

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