Ok, so this doesn’t appear to be an ad for a Black Friday sale.  It is unclear if what we are posting from GreenHulk is even a sale at all.  One thing is sure, though, it is an ad and we certainly post ads on IJSBA.com (on a side note, please advertise on IJSBA.com).  Sale or not, you get 10% by using the code mentioned in this posting.  Happy shopping.

You don't want to miss this.


Use the discount code greenhulk to save 10% off the listed price of most Riva and R&D products, all WORX Racing Products, and all Solas impellers.

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The GreenHulk PWC Performance Store has been the number one trusted source for PWC enthusiasts since 2006. We carry only the aftermarket parts and accessories that have been tested and proven. In addition, most of our performance parts have been discussed in great depth by some of the most skilled PWC tuners in the world on our forums at GreenHulk.net. We offer the absolute best customer service in the industry, guaranteed. We look forward to serving your needs!

GreenHulk PWC Performance Store
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