Want to get 10 free race entry's and sponsorship from ProWatercraft Racing?

Chris Hagest understands that as a rider you work hard for sponsorship. Now as an entrepreneur he understands what a sponsor wants from a rider/ racers to promote their company. Chris would like to take the opportunity not only to educate you on getting sponsors, but how to get and keep them without race results. You're thinking, what? Yes that's right, it's not always about results, it's about who you are and how you impact others around you. These days the internet allows you to express yourself and create a following at your fingertips. ProWatercraft racing wants people that show a positive outlook on their life and this industry. This is the challenge:

Use your network and social media outlets; Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, forum boards, etc.
Talk about ProWatercraft
Talk about the products on your watercraft
Talk about your ProWatercraft experience
Most important talk about how much you love riding and racing your standup watercraft.

The rider with the most social media activity tagging ProWatercraft Racing will get 10 race entries paid and a $1000 of store credit for the 2015 season. Please fill out this form https://prowatercraftracing.com/imag...am_details.pdf to qualify and start informing people about ProWatercraft Racing today. Please also visit our Racers section for more info https://prowatercraftracing.com/racing