The Pro Watercross Tour is excited to announce that Pensacola Beach, Florida will launch the 2014 tour on May 10-11, a thrilling weekend with of non-stop action that caters to the entire family. Now that's the way to kick off the summer! The venue for the race will be just east of the Pensacola Beach Pier, which is one of the longest piers in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pensacola Beach, FL and Santa Rosa Island is a great place to start a week long adventure on the panhandle of Florida. Pensacola Beach, FL now known as the Grand Prix of Watercross will take charge as the first tour stop leading directly into Panama City Beach's Super Cup of Watercross on the following weekend, May 16-17.


  1. Junior Ski Lites 13-15 yr (2 strokes)
  2. Junior Ski Lites 10-12 yr (2 strokes)
  3. Novice Ski Lites (2 strokes)
  4. Amateur Ski Limited
  5. Women's Ski Limited
  6. Expert Ski GP
  7. Pro-Am Ski Lites (2 strokes)
  8. Pro-Am Ski GP
  9. Veteran Ski GP (35)
  10. Pro Freestyle
  11. Amateur Freestyle


  1. Novice Runabout Stock
  2. Novice Runabout Limited
  3. Expert Runabout Stock
  4. Pro-Am Runabout Stock
  5. Pro-Am Runabout Limited
  6. Pro-Am Runabout Open
  7. Runabout N/A
  8. Women's Runabout Stock
  9. Veteran Runabout Open (45)
  10. Runabout 1000 Superstock (800s)
  11. Amateur Runabout Rec Lites


  1. Sport Spec
  2. Sport GP

Sea Doo Spark - Official Corporate Challenge PW

The big chill is pushing hard, it is time to start pushing back!

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