IJSBA is releasing the practice schedule for October 7, the first water day of the 2019 Thai Airways World Finals.  All competitors are requested to be at the grandstands promptly at 11:00 AM for the course demonstration so that practice can begin timely.  

  Monday October 7, 2019 Water Schedule 2019 Thai Airways IJSBA World Finals
Start   Event Race # Class
11:00 AM       Course Demonstration
        Time Reserve
12:00 PM   Practice 1 Novice Ski Stock (no restrictor plate)
    Practice 2 Novice Runabout Stock
    Practice 3 Veteran Ski Stock                                             
    Practice 4 Amateur Runabout Limited
    Practice 5 Amateur Ski Lites
    Practice 6 Expert Runabout Superstock                                           
    Practice 7 Amateur Ski Mod Lites                                                   
    Practice 8 Amateur Runabout 1100 Limited                                     
    Practice 9 Amateur Women Ski Lites
    Practice 10 Masters Ski Stock                                                           (2017 Kawasaki SX-R allowed to stock class specifications only, 2 stroke ski allowed to limited class specifications-this year only)
    Practice 11 Amateur Runabout 1100 Open             
    Practice 12 Pro-Am Veteran Runabout LTD                                           
    Practice 13 Expert Ski Superstock
    Practice 14 Masters Ski GP                                                                 
    Practice 15 Last Chance Runabout
    Practice 16 Last Chance Ski
    Practices will be adjusted according to final registration numbers
Sunrise   Sunset    
6:33 AM   6:18 PM