A two sets of trophies and a few number one plates were stolen from awards.  Other people traded in the number plate they were assigned for the one they felt they should have had.    Another competitor had his trophies stolen as they were on display at Kokomos. There really isn't much to say here.  These situations are unacceptable.  In at least one of these circumstances, it appears we may be able to identify the theft.  IJSBA is urging persons in possession of any of these awards to return them to IJSBA offices at Crazy Horse Campgrounds sometime today.  There will be no penalties or questions asked for any awards returned.  Severe penalties will be enforced along with any additional remedies available where a person can be identified taking trophies.  We hope a bulletin like this will never have to be written again and will take measures to ensure of that by the next World Finals.