IJSBA has received this information regarding the Peruvian Sport Powerboating Federation, the IJSBA Affiliate in Peru. IJSBA speaks on behalf of the entire watercraft community in applauding the pilots who were enlisted to participate in this rescue operation.


Yesterday, Sunday April 28th, a hot air balloon with 7 people on board, which was on a sightseeing tour, fell into the sea a few miles off the coast of Asia beach, 60 miles south of Lima.

Shortly after the news Peruvian Jet Ski riders that usually participate in watercraft skills came in search of the injured. After several attempts managed to locate the remains of the balloon and reported the location of the accident to the Navy of Peru, who immediately went to the place appointed managing temporary rescue 5 women who had been about nine hours in the water, some of them with hypothermia. Continues the search to locate the other 2, including the aircraft pilot.

Local authorities congratulated Willy Gutierrez, Enrique Alonso and Javier Diaz, pilots of the Peruvian Sport Powerboating Federation for its decisive action to help in the search and location of the injured back.