IJSBA has received this report from our friends at the Peruvian Powerboating Sports Federation. These guys do an amazing job on representing IJSBA and organizing PWC races in South America. They join other IJSBA Affiliates, in their region, in creating a strong market for the sport and good international competition. Good job FDPM!

Powerboating Peruvian Sports Federation
Summary of Activities 2012

The Powerboating Peruvian Sports Federation (FDPM), always under the watchful supervision of the IJSBA organized the 2012 Jetski National Championship as in previous years with the same format of 8 rounds throughout the year.


Before and during the first months the FDPM held the 2012 Summer Championship, which consisted on two rounds on beaches located south of the capital and Endurance mode in F1 and F2 categories.

In March took place an International Free Ride, with foreign participants, this event being won by the Brazilian rider Xan Sampaio.


On May 5, the activities began for the 2012 National Championship with the development of the 1st. round, on the beaches of Barranco, the same as Chorrillos would be the scenario for 7 of the 8 rounds, due to its proximity and convenience for riders.

The following categories were opened for the 2012 National Championship:

1) For closed circuit competitions:

• Novice Limited
• Pro-Am Stock
• Limited Pro-Am

2) For Endurance competitions (F1 and F2)

• Novice / Pro-Am Limited

During the year we developed the 7 remaining rounds in Lima going out to the town of Paracas (160 miles south) only for the 6th round in November and culminating the Championship last December 1st, this time with the participation of riders from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador.


Throughout the competition rounds we had an average of 15 riders for closed circuit races and 12 for the Endurance mode. This year we had the absence, due to her pregnancy, of our 2 times world vice-champion Paloma Noceda. She has offered to be competing next year.

After finishing the Championship these riders were crowned champions in the following categories :

• Sergio Munoz - Novice Limited
• Kiko Chia - Pro-Am Stock
• Kiko Chia - Pro-Am Limited
• Rafael Davila - Endurance F1
• Anibal Aliaga / Eduardo Pereyra - Endurance F2

The foreign pilots have praised the organization of events and the high competitive level of local pilots and await the next opportunity to continue alternating in competitions organized by the FDPM.

Really thanks to IJSBA for the support!