The Peruvian Sports Powerboating Federation has released the following statement regarding their fourth annual Free Style event:

A few words about our latest event!

4th International Free Style

More quality than quantity in the 4th International Free Style

Only five foreign pilots were present for this 4th International Free Style, organized by the Peruvian Sports Powerboating Federation (FDPM) and held on February 23th, on the Bujama Beach, 60 miles south of Lima, but the quality they showed in their maneuvers completely exceeded the expectations for this event.

Finally was the Brazilian Bruno Jacob, who on this occasion demonstrated his ability and experience in the maneuvers to defeat American Jared Ajlouny in the final.

Third was the Englishman Stephen Foot, who managed this location by winning in a very close semi-final to his countryman Jason Bleasdale.

The final standing were

1.       Bruno Jacob (Brasil)
2.       Jared Ajlouny (USA)
3.       Stephen Foot (England)
4.       Jason Bleasdale (England)
5.       Gonzalo Martinez (Argentina)

The FDPM thanks all foreign pilots who participated in the great exhibition offered.