The Peruvian IJSBA Delegation is on the move once again.  This time, they have headed to Argentina for the 2017 South American Championships.  Ten pilots competed and, judging from the pictures sent to IJSBA they were successful.  IJSBA will provide complete details when we receive them.



In the meantime, the picture above is one of the many examples of why South America is so awesome.  IJSBA staff has been many times and seen something like the truck stacked with watercraft.  The trailer looks like it just got done hauling a load of tractor tires or steel beams.  The next thing you know, you pull up to a beach that is in the middle of nowhere and, while beautiful, doesn't have any infrastructure in site.  Shortly after, and literally minute by minute, cars, trucks, and SUV start arriving.  Each vehicle has a couple of buoys, or tables, or a sound system, or a backboard... you get the picture.  Within an hour an complete race venue has appeared out of nowhere and good racing is going on- VERY GOOD RACING.  It cannot be understated the excellent competitions that take place in Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil, Paraguay, and the rest of South America.