“1 Stop Service Freight Package” from 2015 World Finals to King’s Cup – Jet Ski World Cup, Thailand 2015 Is Open for Booking Now!

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World Air Logistics Co.,Ltd. is an official freight forwarder of 2015 King’s Cup – Jet Ski World Cup, Thailand.

With their professional team, they offer such a convenient way to help you send your jet skis from World Finals to our King’s Cup – Jet Ski World Cup, Thailand 2015. Simply follow their shipping instructions and that's it!! The route is “World Finals Race Site – Pattaya City, Thailand – Sea port of your country”

kc shipping

The important thing is they have to prepare for all necessary processes & documents. So far, they have received plenty of reservations, so you'd better hurry because they can accept only a limited number of boats. Therefore, for those interested in taking this special package, please make a reservation and also a payment as soon as possible.

See the attached reservation form for more details.

For more information please contact : Ms. Pimonporn Suparatanasit.