IJSBA is alerting interested parties in Freestyle Competition that there is an annual meeting at World Finals held approximately 90 minutes after the conclusion of Amateur Freestyle event on October 6.  This will be a closed meeting where attendees must receive credentials in advance.  The subject of this meeting will be, almost exclusively, the final development of rules transitioning Amateur Freestyle from a 900cc limit to a 1200cc limit.  It is the intention of IJSBA to limit the modifications on a 1200cc based craft to have no performance advantage over a 900cc based craft.

In 30 days from this post, IJSBA will begin accepting submissions from the public to begin compiling a talking point agenda. This agenda will be detailed and presented for public comment well in advance of the Freestyle meeting with the goal of reaching final consensus for the 2024 Competition Rules.  Please stay tuned to www.ijsba.com for submission instructions in 30 days.