Benicia, California is a popular waterfront city in Solano, County.  Located at the Northwest section of the San Francisco Bay Area, popular town will host the best people in the world who will be competing in the best sport in the world: IJSBA Personal Watercraft Racing.

Part of the Western States Cup, the Benicia round will feature intense competition as racers prepare for their final stands to increase their points leads.  Ski racing, Runabout racing, Four Stroke racing, you name it…its there in Benicia.

Spectators will be treated to extraordinary displays of Personal Watercraft power from such racers as: Riva’s Tony Kwolek, TBM’s Tim Bushman, Walt’s Motorsports’ Justin Taylor, Ultimate Watercraft’s Sam Peterson, Jetski Unlimited’s Blain Spires, Jet Wings’ Kyle Consoli, Factory Honda’s (not really but Honda really should acknowledge this guy) Steve Styduhar, RaceSki’s Krissy Hale, Macc Racing’s Riff Del Pardo and John Bonkowski who is sponsored by either an honor student or a collie- I’m quite confused about it.

Event direction is by Evan Kilkus, safety direction well be handled by the goddess of PWC safety Shawn Alladio, and Race Direction will be handled by Associate Director, Blake Corning.  Jim Haas and Terri Wynette will be handling logistics and keeping busy with the waterfront festival which is Northern California’s premiere…well…waterfront festival!!!

The festival, which is an attraction of its own, is sponsored by Michelob Amber Boch beer.  Musical attractions are East Bay Mudd and California Beach Party which is a popular group who cover Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffet.  They will have to take a back seat, though, because the crowd will really will be there to watch the DASH FOR CASH!!!!

Persons wishing to attend this event, which should be anyone in their right mind, should take  Highway 80 to 680.  From 680, take highway 780 to the East Second/Central Benicia exit.  At the stop light, go left onto East second street until the next four-way light and then make a right on Military.  Finally, take the very next left on First Street.

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