Straight from Northern California's Calaveras County- A last minute chance to earn eligibility to participate in the 2017 Blowsion World Finals.  So, today, DJSA stands for Don't Just Stand Around.... get ready for a weekend of fun competition at Salt Springs Reservoir.  Please see the official release below:

IJSBA - DJSA Last Chance 2017 WF Qualifiers
Sat Sept 16, Qualifier 1 “Wet Rhythm” 1
Sun Sept 17, Qualifier 2 “Wet Rhythm” 2
Location – “good to be home again” at Salt Springs Valley Reservoir
Copperopolis California.

Host location~
Salt Springs Valley Reservoir Campground
7422 Rock Creek Rd
Copperopolis, Calif. 95250
(209) 785-7787

Pits / Camping / Site fees -
Startline will be to the right of the launch ramp dock
Beach Access is good for pit space including left side of the ramp.
Camping diagram will be posted Tuesday but our usual areas will be available.
Keep in mind, all pit spaces must have at least one working fire extinguisher immediately accessible. I will be checking for these on Saturday morning so if you don’t already have one swing by Wallmart and pick up a cheapie.

Camping will be allowed in the upper parking lot for this event. Camping in the upper lot will be on a first come first served basis. I will be onsite early Friday to start setting up. Racers wanting to camp in the back lower camp sites along the creek can call on site manager Rod for reservations. If you get there before me, PLEASE leave the 1st 3 table sites between the paved ramps clear for race equipment, staff, and the scoring motorhome.

Camping Instructions for this event -
1) If you want to camp in the lower creek side sites behind the store call Rod for reservations.

2) If you want to camp on the spillway – 1st come, 1st served BUT A CENTER EMERGENCY VEHICLE ACCESS LANE MUST BE MAINTAINED AT ALL TIMES!!!

Overnight camping is $20 a nite plus $5 per ski.
(racers running multiple classes pay for 1 ski)

Day use is $10 a day plus $5 per ski.
(racers running multiple classes pay for 1 ski)

Spectators / families / friends - $10 per veh per day.

Dogs are $5 each.

All Camping and Day Use fees will be collected at the store upon entry.

Entry fees
Junior A and B’s - $60 per day
Beginner / Novice - $75 per day
Intermediate / Expert - $85 per day

Additional classes $40 each (max of 3 classes in one day per racer.
ALL entries taken on site on race days are $120 regardless of class.

Advance payments via paypal always helps me out and speeds things up on race day, but it’s not as crucial as getting your entry forms in!!! I need an entry form with all the boxes checked off for each class you are running. Please send me a current 2017 DJSA entry form with all current sponsors, ski info, and race numbers on it. If you’re sending me an email of intent prior to your sending me an entry FORM, your emails should include –

Class (or classes)
Ski info (or skis)
Race # (or numbers)
What days you’re running, Sat, Sun, or both

For you guys running additional classes, I NEED the ski info for EACH SKI you’re running for the registration and announcing staff. We have your info for your primary race class, but it just doesn’t look right when it shows John Smith in the 900 expert class riding an SXR 800 with the #99, but Smith also shows up in the 567 Vintage class – riding an SXR 800 with the #99 when he’s really on a 550 with the number 9 on it… Please list all the skis you’re racing for the appropriate classes. It makes our life a lot easier!!

Our Paypal address is DJSARACING@YAHOO.COM

Class designation will be used only for registration purposes and tracking series points. (Yes, it’s too late for a series this year but we are gearing up for a substantial one next year.) Once you qualify in the morning you will be bracketed by your best times after 4 runs, not by your class.

I hear you saying “SAY WHAT???” so here goes…

The NEW Program – Introducing “Wet Rhythm”
Our version of a mix from ~
Redbull’s Straight Rhythm for Supercross,
Nascar Short track figure 8 dirt racing,
Winter Olympic speed skating,
Snowboard Cross,
American Ninja Warrior,
and Downhill side by side slalom ski racing –
all configured and combined for PWC racing.

The course –
Rectangle the size of a Football field
Red lane on the left – Yellow lane on the right
Start lanes leave away from the beach –
Right turn leads into the “EKG” section –
Right turn leads into the side by side slalom section
Right turn leads into the spectator straight-a-way hosting obstacles and crossover zone prior to the checker buoys.

Say that again???
From the start - one racer on red, one on yellow, holders are optional but recommended.

When the start horn sounds, time starts for both lanes.
Red and Yellow run the entire course side by side against each other.
After running a full lap before reaching the checkers, red crosses over to yellow, and yellow crosses over to red and they run a 2nd lap now on the opposite course. On completing the second lap, the crossover is bypassed and both racers power through the checkers where their times are stopped and logged.

After everyone qualifies a bracket list will be created from the fastest to the slowest time. Class does not matter – your time does.

On the 2nd round of qualifications racers will be running against times closest to theirs. If a slower time is logged it is tossed. If a racer’s time is faster than the previous run the new time is kept and the racer moves up the bracket ladder.

Same with 3 and 4th round qualifying.
You won’t run against the same person every time, you’ll run against the times closest to yours.

At the end of qualifying, a final bracket list will be established for the main heats.
Fastest time on top, slowest on the bottom.

The top 5 fastest times make up the A-Heat of the day
The next 5 make up the B-Heat
The next 5 the C-Heat
The next 5 the D-heat and so on down the list until everyone is bracketed.

6 racers will be on the course at the same time for the main Heats.
3 racers on red. 3 racers on yellow.
All 6 will run a 2 - lap race (which is actually 4 laps with the crossovers)

* After the 1st time around the racers on red cross over to yellow.
The racers on yellow cross over to red.

* After the 2nd time around the racers on yellow cross back over to red.
The racers on red cross back over to yellow.

* After the 3rd time around the racers on red cross back over to yellow, the racers on yellow cross back over to red and the white flag comes out –

* The racers on yellow will finish on yellow and get the checker flag.
The racers on red finish on red at the checkers.

So why are only 5 racers listed for each main heat when I just explained 6 run the heat with 3 on each side??

Winner of the D heat moves up and takes the 6th spot in the C main.
Winner of the C heat moves up and takes the 6th spot in the B main.
Winner of the B main moves up and takes the open spot in the A main.
1st place plaques will go to the winner of each main.

Periodically we will feature the 6 fastest racers from a specific “class” to run.
Periodically we may allow winners of Junior A heats to advance into adult ranks.

Standups will only run with standups.
Runabouts will only run with runabouts.

Based on speed, size, and weight, the only class that will probably run as an independent will be SCXP with Sprint runabout

More about points tracking later but for now I just wanted you to know what you’re getting into.

That’s Wet Rhythm in a nutshell…
Safe if not safer, than traditional racing
Beginner friendly
Wife and girlfriend friendly
Junior friendly
But just as exciting, intense, and challenging for the experts and pros…

Sat Schedule – Wet Rhythm
7am – 9am / Reg open.
830am – 9am / Mandatory riders meeting and T/O course demonstration
9am – Standup practice
930am – Sitdown practice
10am – 1230pm / Qualifying
1230pm to 1pm / lunch
1p – 4pm / Main Heats
Awards on site 1 hour after the last heat of the day

Sun Schedule – Wet Rhythm round 2
7am – 9am / Reg open.
830am – 9am / Mandatory riders meeting and T/O course demonstration
9am – Standup practice
930am – Sitdown practice
10am – 1230pm / Qualifying
1230pm to 1pm / lunch
1p – 4pm / Main Heats
Awards on site 1 hour after the last heat of the day

Race Classes –
X-2 Army expert
X-2 Army novice
567 Vintage Triple Threat
800 novice standup
800 Legend standup
900 expert standup
FAST Stand Gp 1100 expert
Sport Sit 800 Stock/Novice
Sport Sit GP 1200 expert
Sprint Sit 1350 NA runbt
SCXP expert runbt

Junior Racers -
Ages are 7 to 17 years of age divided into 3 groups.
Ages 7 to 12 run Junior B’s
12 to 17 run Junior A’s depending on ability.
All junior racers must compete on 850 or under standup skis.
Recently added is the Junior R class (Junior Runabout) for ages 13+ on 800cc or under runabouts.
All juniors must register on race day accompanied by their parents.
All juniors must have proof of age and medical coverage to be presented by parents upon request at registration. A birth certificate is the most commonly used documentation for age verification. Making copies of both and bringing them with you can save a lot of time at the registration table.

Make sure you have…
A minimum of 10" or larger HIGHLY VISIBLE race numbers are required on every ski.
(bigger is better!) If a race number is duplicated - one racer will add initial of last name

All Skis MUST HAVE a tow loop attached to the bow

All skis in every class must have a working safety lanyard.

No numbers - no tow loop – no lanyard - no racing – no exceptions!
With all due respect, it’s your responsibility to make sure you have readable numbers on your ski - not the scorekeepers!

Pit Vehicles –
* Pit vehicles are allowed in the event area only.
* All pit vehicles must be operated at 5mph or less.
* All operators must be registered racers or crew only.
* All operators must be 16 years of age.
* The days of unsupervised minors ripping around the pits are over.
*Any reckless operation will result in pit vehicles being prohibited at the site.
* Reckless operation includes operating while intoxicated, or at night with no lights.
Again, please be responsible and don’t blow a good thing.

Course – Study the diagram when posted
Red buoys – mark the LEFT course line
Yellow buoys – mark the RIGHT course line

Remember this at all times -
* One Ski length safe zone rule in effect at all times
* 100 ft yield rule in effect at all times
* ALL yellow flag corners are ½ speed with no passing, scoring, or racing until clear of the corner
* NO CIRCLEING BACK TO MAKE UP BUOYS! 3 second penalty for each missed buoy
* Reckless or negligent racing are grounds for leaving early and/or facing suspension from the series.
* Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind, on or off the water, is an invite to leave early and/or face suspension from the series.
* No alcohol permitted until the END of the race day.
* All racers must be 18 years of age unless accepted into djsa internship program
* All racers must have proof of current medical insurance available.
* Please observe the NO WAKE zone when transiting from pit beach to the startline.
* No fueling on the water without fuel pads or you will have to pull your ski from the water. I will have fuel pads available at the riders meeting and on the flag dock. Those not following this simple request mandated by our insurance company will probably be asked to spectate the rest of the day…

Racing hard and racing fast will always have my admiration, and although winning is cool, winning doesn’t always make someone a winner. Racing clean, and racing safe while watching out for your fellow brother and sister on the race course is what makes you a winner - and in turn you’ll always have my sincere respect and these race series will continue.

Course diagram will soon be posted.
Please become familiar with it before race day.
As always thanks for your support – and your interest!
Call or email me with any questions.

I look forward to seeing you all at SSVR, and now I get to say my 6 new favorite words - "Time to get in “The Rhythm!!!"