RonnyMac has new packages deals for the 2019 Thai Airways World Finals. With input from racers, Ronny now has 2 low cost photo packages for racers only interested in web resolution photos. Photos they can share on social media, and keep on their mobile device without taking up storage. Packages 1 & 2 meet this need and saves racers money.

Many racers also wanted to keep the Full Size-High Resolution file packages RonnyMac has always offered in the past. These files allow racers to make their own top quality prints. Packages 3 & 4 include these Full Resolution files.

2 new features for the 2019 photo packages are Instagram files and MacCloud. All the photos in all packages will include a Instagam ready square file. No more worrying about that square shape and cropping out logos. These files are ready to go!

MacCloud is a selection of your photos that will be uploaded to your own private, password protected page on the RonnyMac website. First edits! Even during the World Finals! Share your photos quickly! MacCloud is available in Package 4 only.

You can book your package right here! Just click the package of your choice below. The links go to Paypal. Don't have a paypal account? No worries! You don't need one. Just click the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button under the login button.
You can also book on RonnyMac's website here.
Another option is at the RonnyMac booth in vendor alley, or find Ronny personally at the World Finals. Just look for the Mac-Clove-Cloud. 😉

Contact Ronny on Facebook for questions here.