It looks like another fun and successful event from the great staff in the Midwest!  See the following news from Nautiwater Racing regarding their July 14-15 event in Lawrence, Kansas:

Watercross Racing is back in action in Lawrence KS and the racers came to support it well!  Almost 60 race entries over the course of the weekend at Clinton Lake State Park. Everything from Juniors to Veterans and anywhere in-between.  The parking lot was full and the family atmosphere was flowing.  Kids, pets, family and friends gathered at the lake to support one another in head to head competitions. Laughter, smiles and the smell of BBQ filled the air.  KBSmokehouse was on-site both days serving up some wonderful food.  Special thanks to the Haig family and Westside 66 for all their hard work bringing racing back to Lawrence. 

The largest class of the weekend was Pro-Am Ski Open followed by the 800cc Class and then Women’s Ski.  This weekend had six women on the start line competing head to head to battle it out for the spectators.  One of the crowd favorites was the Freestyle Competition!  We had four competitors this weekend for Freestyle (Taylor, Chase, Nick & Michael) and they all did a wonderful job!   Watch the facebook page for video links to be posted.

Racers traveled for several hundred miles to join in for a weekend of sun and fun. Some even flying in from out of state.  Others driving hundreds of miles from places like Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota.   Our last event this season is August 4th-5th at Pomona Lake in Vassar KS.  It is the Greg Streit Memorial Watercross Championship.  Our race family was saddened by Greg’s passing, he had a wonderful passion for the sport and he always carried a smile. We hope to see you at Pomona to help show his family just how big and supportive this jet ski family is.

For more race information visit and as always Get Wet and Race Nauti!



Race Class Rider's Name Overall Place  
Pro-Am Ski Lites Justin Treder 1  
Pro-Am Ski Lites Jeff Hansen 2  
Pro-Am Ski Lites Chris Cowan 3  
Pro-Am Ski Lites Cameron Lauber 4  
Pro-Am Ski Lites AJ Luninstra 5  
Vets Ski Open Ron Wirth 1  
Vets Ski Open Harold Green 2  
Amateur Ski Lites Nick Haig 1  
Amateur Ski Lites McKale Seivley 2  
Amateur Ski Lites Derek Gillespie 3  
Beginner Ski Liam Berns 1  
Beginner Ski Brian Wonderly    
Jr Ski 10-12 Ryder Wildeboer 1  
Spark Doug Partch 1  
Spark Oliver Berglund 2  
800 Class Whitney Wilson 1  
800 Class Scott Wilson 2  
800 Class Cameryn Roberts 3  
800 Class Joey Anderbery 4  
800 Class Derek Gillespie 5  
800 Class Mitchell Teter 6  
800 Class Courtney Meaders 7  
Women's Ski Anna Glennon 1  
Women's Ski Jessica Eriz 2  
Women's Ski Sarah Sullivan 3  
Women's Ski Carrie Oliver 4  
Women's Ski Allison Prokop 5  
Women's Ski Marlee Haig 6  
Sport Spec McKale Seivley 1  
Sport GP Richard Haig 1  
Sport GP Aaron Dellinger 2  
Sport GP Harold Green 3  
X2 Nick Gargaro 1  
X2 Steven Bedell 2  
X2 Johnny Bedell 3  
X2 Jeff Hansen 4  
Pro-Am Stock RA John Hecox 1  
Pro-Am Stock RA Nick Prokop 2  
Pro-Am Stock RA Kent Abbott 3  
Pro-Am Open RA Ryan Smith 1  
Pro-Am Open RA Marc Roberts 2  
Pro-Am Open RA Tim Hicks 3  
Pro-Am Ski Open Justin Luinstra 1  
Pro-Am Ski Open AJ Luinstra 2  
Pro-Am Ski Open Chase Mueller 3  
Pro-Am Ski Open Nathan Haig 4  
Pro-Am Ski Open Alex Wirth 5  
Pro-Am Ski Open Chris Cowan 6  
Pro-Am Ski Open Justin Treder 7  
Pro-Am Ski Open Jeff Wright 8  
SC Exhibition Race Aaron Dellinger 1  
SC Exhibition Race Whitney Wilson 2  
SC Exhibition Race Scott Wilson 3  
SC Exhibition Race Oliver Berglund 4  
Amateur Freestyle Nick Gargaro 1  
Amateur Freestyle Chase Mueller 2  
Amateur Freestyle Michael Galloway 3  
Pro Freestyle Taylor Kress 1