This just in from Nauti Water Racing:

Round 2 Nauti Water Racing

Our first annual 3-2-1 El Dorado Classic was a success held on June 20 and 21, 2013.  Despite our late approval for the race, we had a great turnout!  There were some new runabout riders from Nebraska and riders that we haven’t seen in a while join our usually Nauti Water line-up.  Steve Lee joined Nauti Water again in the beginner runabout class.  Our runabout novice limited class was close with Whitney Wilson taking first place on Sunday to give him the points needed to win for the weekend with Ryan Barr finishing second overall for the weekend and Scott Wilson taking third.  Chris Cowan ventured off of his stand-up ski to try out the runabout 800 limited class this weekend by borrowing Jason Kelly’s boat that he wasn’t able to race due to a work related injury.  The women’s runabout class was represented by Amber Smith who did quite the tumbling exit from her ski, but finished strong without any injury.  Runabout expert limited had Reginald Purnell sweeping the weekend with Tim Hicks coming in second despite his boat problems, and rounding out the class was Steven Egner finishing in third. Our big boy runabout class for the weekend was the Pro-am Open.  There were tough wind conditions and moving buoys that caused some questions on positions for these great riders!  Jacob Gilsdorf took the win for the weekend, Greg Streit came in close with a second place finish, Jerod Williams took the third place trophy and Jeff Streit only raced one day to give him the fourth place finish.

There were a nice number of entries for the ski classes as well.  Jeff Wright was able to join us again this weekend after his recent wedding nuptials to take the win in the ski pro-am stock/spec and ski pro-am GP against Justin Luinstra. Our novice ski limited class and masters ski stock class lined up side by side.  Chase Mueller took the win in the novice limited against birthday girl, Allison Partch, who had boat trouble on Sunday.  They were battling for the checkered flag against Troy Armstrong who took the win over Doug Partch, his first race back from “retirement” in the master’s class.    Another interesting race took place between 13-15 limited class and women’s limited class.  McKale Seivley took the win for the weekend on his Hydrospace against his tough challenger, Jacob Hunsperger, in the junior limited class while Anna Glennon and Allison Partch had a tie for the weekend.  It all boiled down to the most number of 1st place wins.  Anna edged out Allison to walk away with the first place trophy.  AJ Luinstra won 3 out of the 4 mottos against Jessie Glennon who took her first win ever when AJ experienced boat trouble and had to be towed to shore.  The combination of 13-15 stock and novice stock classes also showed for an exciting race.  Anna Glennon swept the weekend on her novice stock boat against Cameron Lauber.  Jacob Hunsperger also took the first place win over McKale Seivley in the junior stock class.  Our largest class for the weekend was the expert ski open.  Troy Armstrong claimed his first place trophy for the weekend as several of the others battled back and forth for their final placements.  Finishing second was Chase Mueller and Harold Green hot on his heels with third place.  Chris Cowan took the fourth place finish and Junstin Luinstra came in fifth with only competing in 2 mottos for the weekend.

Craig Ingram joined us to fly through the race course on his sport spec open boat.  He made it a fun race to watch as he competed against the sport spec stock class of Glen Julien taking home the first place trophy, Devon Hiebert came out to race on Sunday to get his Monster second place trophy, and Justin Luinstra took third since he wasn’t able to attend the second day.   AJ Luinstra also took his spot next to these guys at the starting gate to go unopposed in the sport spec junior class.

Nauti Water would like to thank our sponsors for the weekend, 3-2-1 Kawasaki in El Dorado, Kansas and Monster Energy Drink and Demo Sales in El Dorado.  Our next scheduled race is coming up July 13-14 at Clinton Lake in Lawrence, Kansas.  Keep checking our website for our closing race of the season at Lake of the Ozarks, the Dragon’s Cup on August 3-4th!