nautiwaterlogoWe love it when PWC Racing makes the news.  Few things are better than seeing PWC racers enjoy getting the publicity they are due.  On par, though, is watching a newscaster report on a great family friendly race that showcases the camaraderie and excellent sportsmanship of an event put on by a great promoter.


This message isn't about being flattering.  Terry and the Nautiwater crew put on races for a great reason: the PWC culture in the Midwest is a very family oriented experience and these guys make these events happen out of a love for the sport and energy that comes when the people in his region gather to compete.


The Nautiwater event, July 30 and 31, in Pomona Lake, Kansas got the attention of the local broadcast news and we received some publicity that showed a wonderful side of what we are all about.  Good job Nautiwater crew.

Here is the link to the great story and coverage: