Throughout the years, the KMG Racing Team has enjoyed success running its powerful motors with Mystik products. Using the Mystik JT-4® Synthetic 2-Cycle PWC Engine Oil and the JT-4 Synthetic 4-Cycle 10W-40 Marine Engine Oil, the team will be dominating the waters when it competes at the annual International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) World Finals taking place Oct. 4-12 at Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

From winning over ten IJSBA World Titles to winning two Runabout National Endurance and two Standup National Titles at the Mark Hahn 300, the team pushes its equipment to the max without fail. “Using Mystik products has made life a little easier in the pits,” said KMG Racing team owner and rider David Fekete.  “We run motors for an entire season and when they are torn down, the cylinders and pistons look like new.”

Mystik works with the PWC drivers to provide and promote custom-formulated lubricants that ensure extreme performance and long engine life. Mystik products deliver unmatched performance, cleanliness and protection from wear and corrosion while they are guaranteed to protect marine engine warranties.

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  • David Fekete – Stand Up
  • Charles Sims – Sport Class
  • Jeremiah Marino – Stand Up
  • Mark Gomez – Stand Up
  • David Prado (Brazil) – Stand Up (JR)
  • Bobby Kerns – Sport Class
  • Toshi O’Hara (Japan) – Stand Up
  • Take O’Hara (Japan) – Stand Up
  • Todd Young – Sport Class
  • Kascper (Poland) – Stand Up (JR)