PM Sports Marketing is pleased to announce an exciting new event that will be added to the 2005 Monster Energy Midwest Tour to create some camaraderie and add fun to the series. The Co-Ed Ski Challenge is a stand-up race consisting of teams of one male and one female rider. It will be a single-moto format (one race) that will be run at each round of the series. The debut of the Co-Ed Ski Challenge will be at the first event of the series on June 11-12 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

“This type of event is perfect for the Midwest Watercross Tour racers”, said Patrick Mell, the Series Promoter. “The Midwest Watercross Tour has a large number of families and friends that race the series together. Win or lose its all about having fun and this should be a great event. Response to the concept has gone over well, and we expect a large number of teams to compete. Start putting your team together today!”

Co-Ed Ski Challenge Rules

  • The Co-Ed Ski Challenge will consist of teams of one guy and one girl (husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister, or any other guy/girl combination, etc.). Team members must be at least 16 years old to compete.
  • Then entry fee will be $25 per team per event.
  • Teams will compete for event awards as well as an Overall Championship. Huge Overall trophies will be awarded to the top 3 teams at the series finale.
  • Team members will share the same ski for the race.
  • The watercraft must be a Stock or Limited class watercraft.
  • Racers will run an 8-10 lap race (depending on location and water conditions) with each member of the team running the same number of laps.
  • This will be a single-moto format at each event (one race).
  • Starts. The race will start with all riders of the same sex starting at the same time (this will be alternated at each round). One holder will be allowed and the other Team member must also be the holder.
  • The rider running the first leg of the race will complete their laps (4-5 laps) and then proceed to the transition area where they will hand the boat off to their partner. There will be an entrance to the transition area marked by two buoys and once the rider enters this area he/she must slow to a 5 mph or less speed to make a safe rider/boat switch. Riders failing to enter the transition area at a safe speed will be docked one lap and/or disqualified.
  • The log jump will be closed during this event.
  • The race is over when the winning team crosses the finish line. All others riders will finish the race as they cross the finish line. Teams down a lap will not make up the extra laps.
  • In addition to great event and overall awards, the winning team will receive the prestigious “bragging rights” that may be used after the races at the rider’s parties and in the pits.

For more information, contact PM Sports Marketing at (586) 598-2856 or visit