Lake Havasu City is the host home of the IJSBA World Finals and has been for all 36 years that the event has been held.  Their motto is "Play like you mean it."    Mohave County Public Health probably doesn't have a motto.  If, they did, it might be "Food vendors need to get a permit and we mean it!"  IJSBA means it, too.  We mean it even more after Public Health sent us an email to remind vendors of the permit requirement.  Healthy and compliant food vending is a very good thing.  So, if you are a food vendor at World Finals, or are planning to be one, the application guidelines are listed below.  The application can be downloaded here:  Application to Operate TEMPORARY EVENT.revision



The Mohave County Department of Public Health Environment Division would like to assist you in providing consumers with the highest degree of food safety during your temporary food event.  As a temporary food event coordinator you are responsible for organizing food-related activities shared by the temporary food vendors operating at a temporary event.  It is the responsibility of the Event Coordinator to be familiar with the rules and guidelines of the temporary food vendors that will be operating at your event.  These guidelines will help to prepare you to have a safe event for the public.

As a temporary event coordinator you will need to ensure that services are provided for the temporary food vendors at the site.  


Water Supply:   Ensure that there is access to a potable water taps on site.  If on site water is not available, notify vendors that they must bring their own water supplies.  All potable water spigots must have hose bibs that are above ground and provided with an approved vacuum breaking device. Potable water hoses should be raised off of the ground at any connection point.

Wastewater: Provide liquid waste collection tanks / receptacles on site.  If collection tanks are not provided, inform vendors that they must arrange for their own wastewater disposal.  All wastewater must be disposed of in a sanitary manner.

Electricity: Ensure that there is access to electricity on site for vendors or the use of generators.  If electricity is not provided, inform the vendors they will need to bring their own power source.

Trash / Refuse: Provide trash receptacles throughout the event for the public.  Ensure that they are serviced throughout the event to prevent the accumulation of trash and cause of a public health nuisance.

Toilet Facilities: Ensure there are enough public restrooms at the site and/or provide portable toilets.  Ensure they are serviced throughout the event.

Hand Wash Facilities: Ensure there are hand washing facilities available for the public at restrooms and/or provide portable hand washing stations.  Ensure they are serviced throughout the event.  

Provide a labeled map of the entire Temporary Event area and include the following:

  • Toilet facilities (portable and fixed)
  • Hand washing facilities
  • Trash containers
  • Electrical hook-up points and generator locations
  • Potable water taps for vendors
  • Location of all food preparation and service areas on the event grounds
  • Food booth vendors
  • Roadways, sidewalks, and walkways 


Let your food vendor operators know that they will need to obtain a temporary event permit from the health department.  A permit is required for all temporary food vendors in which food or beverage (unpackaged or prepackaged) is sampled, sold, prepared, or given away to the public.  Each vendor will need to fill out and submit their application with all applicable fees prior to the event.  In addition, all vendors are required to have at least one person working with a valid food handler’s card per vendor. 



                               1071 TEMPORARY FOOD SERVICE 1-5 CONSECUTIVE DAYS $95.00
                                                             EACH ADDITIONAL DAY - $10 $10.00
                                                             <7 day notice $50.00 additional fee


                               1072 TEMP. FOOD SERVICE (NON-PROFIT OR TAX EXEMPT) 1-5 CONSECUTIVE DAYS $45.00
                                                             EACH ADDITIONAL DAY $5 $5.00
                                                             <7 day notice $25.00 additional fee


                               1073 TEMPORARY RETAIL FOOD


                               1074 TEMPORARY RETAIL FOOD (NON-PROFIT OR TAX EXEMPT)


                               1075 COOK OFF UP TO 20 PARTICIPANTS $95.00
                                                             EACH ADDITIONAL PARTICIPANT $5.00 $5.00
                                                             <7 day notice $50.00 additional fee


                               1076 COOK OFF UP TO 20 PARTICIPANTS (NON-PROFIT OR TAX EXEMPT) $45.00
                                                             EACH ADDITIONAL PARTICIPANT $2.50 $2.50
                                                             <7 day notice $25.00 additional fee


                               1077 SAMPLING PERMIT (non-potentially hazardous prepackaged food items only)


Note A: Sampling permits apply only to those vendors offering samples of non-potentially hazardous prepackaged food items. If the food items are prepared onsite and packaged, the full temporary event permit fee will apply.
Note B: Non-profit/tax exempt permits apply only to those organizations that are not "for-profit" businesses or entities. Proof of non-profit or tax exempt status must be shown at the time of application.


Note C: The temporary event permit is issued in conjunction with a community event and is valid for a max.14 consecutive days within a permit year provided that it is the same permittee/booth at the same location and the same event. For clarification, only one temporary event permit may be obtained by the same permittee/booth at the same location in a permit year. Exception: For fundraising purposes only, a non-profit group may obtain up to 4 temporary event permits per year (aside from regularly scheduled community events e.g. County Fair, Andy Devine Days, Corn-fest, Taste of Lake Havasu, etc.)


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