So, here we are, at the San Francisco Airport picking up Ronny McHenry to work on the new IJSBA website.  Ronny isn't easy to find in a crowd unless he is wearing a top hat or something like that so we walked around trying to locate him when a familiar sounding voice was heard from a group of robe wearing individuals who were attempting to share their spiritual views with airport patrons.  The voice was none other than Mike Young, the Surf and Turf Promotions.

  The last time we had heard from Mike, he was kind of confused about things and was taking some time off to go "find himself."  We had no idea he would fall into a delusional cult like organization.  Deeply concerned about him, IJSBA rushed Mike Young straight to a deprogramming specialist*.  We are happy to report that Mike seems to have made a full recovery and will be promoting IJSBA Sanctioned competitions like any normal and sane organizer would do.

  IJSBA is proud to have Mike Young as an important gear in the watercraft racing machine.  We look forward to seeing his work, in the Southern Region, this year and are looking forward to hearing his voice at the 2017 World Finals.  We will post more information as we receive it.  Interested persons can also view his website at:  Welcome back Mikey!!

*This is a parody.  Mike Young wasn't really sent to a cult deprogramming clinic.  More importantly, IJSBA does not offer any coverage for this, or any type of therapy. Enjoy this post while it lasts, it is doubtful that it will be up very long.