IJSBA is pleased to announce the latest new vendor to exhibit at the trade show portion of the 2017 Blowsion World Finals.  MCD Tech has created an exit nozzle that can change diameter through electronic control.  Below is their press release.  For more information, please visit www.getvd.us.




What is the VDN

The VDN is a patented replacement for your fixed exit nozzle, allowing you to vary the diameter automatically via the Control Computer.

The ability to vary the diameter of your exit nozzle allows you to greatly increase the control of your hole shot.

In addition, the Control Computer will automatically adjust the VDN to a smaller diameter as forward motion increases, thus providing greater thrust at high speed.

Finally, the Control Computer will automatically reduce the VDN diameter further to obtain the best top speed.

How does it work?

The VDN Control Computer gathers its data from GPS, an accelerometer and the RPM’s of the engine.

The VDN houses a bladder that inflates or deflates hydraulically, depending on the signal received from the Control Computer. This in turn moves the actuator to the correct position relating to the forward motion of the watercraft and automatically changes the diameter of the VDN.