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13th Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Race Rules

February 12 (Sunday) 2017

Note: All times are local Arizona time.

IJSBA Membership- All riders (co-riders as well as primary riders) must hold a current IJSBA membership. It is your responsibility to show your current card at registration. If you are not a member, or your membership is not current you may pay for membership at registration. This must be done prior to being arm-banded for the event. Membership for the year is $50. This is an IJSBA Sanctioned event and the IJSBA Rule Book will be enforced where applicable.

Awards Dinner - The dinner will be in the Relics & Rods Hall at the Lake Havasu Aquatic Center. Each arm banded, paid rider of record will receive one complimentary pass to the dinner. Other tickets for the dinner must be purchased for $25 per person in advance, or at the door prior to the ceremony. Only such ticketed/arm banded people will be allowed into the hall. The on-site payments must be made by cash or check only, no credit cards. No host bar opens at 4:00 pm, dinner buffet service begins at 5:30 and awards presentations begin at 6:00.

Boat Race Numbers - It is the responsibility of the racer to have visible, legible numbers on the race boat. This has not always been the case in the past and it will be enforced. No duplication of race numbers allowed. First paid entry has first right to use a number. Others may add an X (legible) to the number if tech director approves.

Boats & Equipment - All boats entered in the event must be currently registered watercraft (with which ever State is appropriate), and must carry ALL required USCG equipment at ALL times, and must be complete at the end of the race. All riders must wear approved safety equipment at all times while operating the boats. Any violators will be penalized, or may be disqualified. No one without an event arm band may operate a boat on, or near the race beach during the entire race day.

Camp & RV sites - A limited number of sites are available to rent for the event from Crazy Horse Campground. Call them at (928) 855-4033.

Civilian Traffic - Please remember at all times that we will be operating on the Lake along with normal boating traffic. Any dangerous passing, discourteous or unsafe operations will result in penalties. This is not a closed course event, we must respect all normal civilian boaters, and display courtesy at all times. Our turn, official, and chase boats will be observing for your safety as well as to preserve the ongoing ability to stage events like this. It is with thanks to the US Coast Guard and the Bureau of Land Management that we are able to produce this event, and their rules must be observed.

Classes -

Pro/Am Open: Up to 2,000 CC maybe modified, however, all boats must have OEM engines by the same mfg. as hull. No GP style boats allowed.

Vet/Master Open: Age 35 and up, Up to 2,000 CC maybe modified, however, all boats must have OEM engines by the same mfg. as hull. No GP style boats allowed.

4 Stroke Stock: Per IJSBA Rulebook

4 Stroke NA Open: Up to 2,000 cc maybe modified, however no supercharger(s) or turbo charger(s) allowed and all boats must have OEM engines by same mfg. as hull. No GP style boats allowed.

Manufacturers Stock: As from the factory, showroom stock. NO MODS ALLOWED, only exception's: aftermarket grips and aftermarket seat cover (no custom seat), lifting wedges are prohibited.

Two Stroke Mod Standup: (No four stroke skis allowed)
The maximum displacement for Ski equipped with Two Stroke engines is 1300 CC. All aftermarket IJSBA legal hulls allowed
Aftermarket fuel cells/tanks are allowed (tanks must be vented per Coast Guard regulations)
*all tanks must be approved by racer director Fueling rule see below


Sportsman 2 Stroke Standup: (No four stroke skis or aftermarket hulls allowed) The goal of this class is to be a fair, economical, competitive and fun racing class OEM Stand up PWC hulls only, no aftermarket hulls
Must use the OEM crankcase and OEM cylinder
Fuel lines and vent must be OEM configuration/size (no additional vents or oversized fuel lines allowed)
No turbos or superchargers allowed The maximum displacement is 850 CC Fueling rule see below

Four Stroke Mod Standup: (No two stroke skis allowed)
The maximum displacement for Four Stroke Skis with normally aspirated Four Stroke engines is 1500 CC. The maximum displacement for Four Stroke Skis equipped with supercharger or turbocharger is 900CC.
The 2017 Kawasaki SX-R is legal for this race class.
All aftermarket IJSBA legal hulls allowed, the 2017 SX-R must use the OEM stock hull. Aftermarket fuel cells/tanks are allowed (tanks must be vented per Coast Guard regulations)
*all tanks must be approved by racer director Fueling rule see below

There will be a requirement of 5 entries by January 13th for the class to be raced as outlined, if less than 5 the classes will be combined, we will email the entries if the class is going to be combined and the racer will be allowed to withdraw if they do not want to race in the merged class.


Drybreak systems are permitted, however, the system must comply with current safety standards and must be approved during inspection prior to the race. Fueling must be done with Coast Guard approved fueling jugs/containers. No electric fuel pumps, towers, pressurized fueling systems are permitted. Gravity fed and or hand held fuel jugs are the only fueling sources permitted.
If you have any question in regards to this new fueling rule you must contact Ross Wallach email:

Note: All racer(s) must designate which class they are entering at the time of registration and safety/tech inspection (prior to the race). If after the race the contestant is found to be "illegal" or not in the right class he/she will be immediately disqualified.

The team rider format allows up to 2 riders per runabout and 3 riders per stand up. It is no longer OK to enter multiple classes. One boat, one class.
Credit card payments - Credit Card will be processed upon receipt. Cash or check is acceptable, however no Credit Card payment will be allowed at Registration or on race day. Any not paid must send or arrange payment no later than January 29. Payments or entries received after that date will be assessed a $50 late fee. No payments will be accepted or processed at the race site. Your credit card will show a charge to "DSM Events LLC".

Fencing & Other Traction Material in Hot Pits - You may bring traction aids into the hot pits such as chain link fencing material. There are two rules, if you bring it, it must be shared. You may not create a "lane" of traction and reserve it for your exclusive use. The second rule is that you must remove and dispose of any such material that you bring, and you must dispose of it offsite. Any team leaving any material will be fined $100. This includes drums or drain oil or batteries, etc.

Fuel - All fuel must be stored in the Hot Pits, along the back fence nearest the road. You may not use electric transfer pumps in the hot pits. No fuel is permitted to be within twenty feet of the water. This includes fuel in the back of your truck, Rhino, quad or trailer while you are launching or retrieving. All fueling must be done only in the hot pits during the race. No fuel is available for purchase on site, however there is race fuel, Avgas and conventional fuels available at gas stations within a mile of the race site. You are responsible for removing (completely from Crazy Horse) and disposing safely of any drums, waste, refuse, oil, batteries or other waste that you may generate during the race.

Fuel Tanks in Runabouts - No additional fuel tanks of any type may be added to any runabout. Only stock OEM fuel tanks with stock fuel capacity are allowed. Quick Fills may be used on Runabout boats, however not in Manufacturers Stock. Oil injection tanks may not be used to hold fuel. No modifying or drilling into any fuel tanks allowed. All boats will be checked during inspection prior to the race. Quick Fills/drybreak systems may be used on

Runabout boats, however not in Manufacturers Stock class. Drybreak systems are permitted, however the system must comply with current safety standards and must be approved during inspection prior to the race. Fueling must be done with USCG approved fueling jugs/containers. No electric pumps, towers, pressurized fueling systems are permitted. Gravity fed an/or hand held jugs are the only fueling sources permitted.

Hot Pits/ Race Re-Fueling - All fueling operations must be performed in the fueling area, this is a banner-fenced area west of the "boat house" on the main beach , and is at the east end of the pits, by the DSM semi trailer. You must have a towel or an absorbent fuel spill "diaper", and absolutely no fuel may be spilled. You will be penalized for any fuel spills, so take your time fueling, and use the absorbent towel for added safety. This is an issue of serious environmental concern, so be careful. This area is considered the Hot-Pits, and no smoking will be allowed in the area, and only arm-banded people will be allowed in. Any crew member that will be in this area, or in the water (holding your boat) must be arm-banded. They can do this by going to registration before the race and signing the waiver. Remember, the boats must be fully removed from the water, at least twenty feet prior to any fueling operations. Do not have your fuel cans on your quad or trailer when you back into the water to remove your boat. This is a Federal requirement and will be enforced by us, the US Coast Guard and the Bureau of Land Management. Any violations will result in penalties and/or disqualification. No one under ten years of age is allowed into hot pits. All equipment must be cleared to allow room for the Le Mans start. No Open Toed shoes (ie: Flip Flops) are allowed in the Hot Pits.

Insurance - Participant Medical - Be advised that there is NO participant medical insurance coverage provided for this event. You must personally assume all responsibility for any and all medical expenses incurred during the event. You will be required to sign a waiver at check-in/registration on Saturday stating that you understand this, and have such coverage as is appropriate.

Minimum Age - Riders must be at least 16 years of age on the day of the race to compete.

Officials - Decisions of officials will be final. Race Committee consists of: Race Director Ross Wallach, Event Director Jim Russell, Course/recovery director Ken Lowry, Operations Manager Shawna Thornton, Asst Operations Manager Kay Sykes or the Technical Director, Robert Sand

Parade Lap - After the rider's meeting a lap of the course is scheduled for 8:00 am. This is optional. Any boat/rider wishing to go will follow the course marshal boat (flagged) around the course at about 25 mph. You must stay behind this boat, and again, remember, you must merge and operate at all times with civilian traffic on the lake. You have no right of way privilege, and the course is not closed. At the conclusion of this lap if you wish to re-fuel your boat go to the hot-pit area and do so. Remember, every part of the boat must be at least twenty feet from the edge of the water. All race fueling rules will be in effect; no spillage will be allowed, and only arm-banded crew members may be inside the fenced area. At the conclusion of the re-fueling prepare to stage for the start.

Parking/Pit & Equipment note - You may not bring any vehicles larger than a pick up and a flat trailer into the main park at Crazy Horse. No exceptions, do not ask.. This includes motorhomes and any other vehicles.

Payment - All pre-registered entries must be paid in full by February 1. Any payments received after February 1 will be charged a $50 late fee. Any new entries filed after February1 will be charged a $50 late fee.

Penalties - Penalties for violations of safety or environmental rules or practices will begin with a two lap penalty. Penalties for course violations will begin with a one lap penalty. In addition violators may be subject to citations and fines from the Bureau of Land Management, US Coast Guard and US Fish and Wildlife Service as well as the Lake Havasu City Police Department, Mohave County Sheriff's Office or the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. (All of these entities are involved in the permitting process for this event.) ANY FINES IMPOSED ON THE EVENT WILL BE CHARGED TO THE OFFENDING COMPETITOR.
Minimum of 1 lap penalty for cutting course and min. 30 sec. penalty for missing chicane buoy.

Practice - NO practice on the course is permitted other than the parade lap.

Payout - All prize fund amounts will be announced at the riders meeting the morning of the event. Any and all payouts (any purse, etc.) will be paid by check and will be in the US mail the Wednesday following the race as that is when the results become final and official.

Race Course - This is subject to change. It is to be noted that the race course crosses the path of the ferry boat running between the Bridgewater Channel and Havasu Landing at two places. You are to come no closer than 50' to this boat at any time. Failure to keep this distance will result in a penalty. A signed, flagged turn boat will be located at each turn. You must go around the outside of the turn boat. Any passing of the turn boats dangerously close (determination of officials) will be penalized. Remember, if the scorers cannot read your number you may not be scored for that lap. This is your responsibility, not the scorers.

Race Boat Repairs - May not be made in the hot pits. You will use the hot pits for fueling and rider change only. If repairs are needed you must remove your boat from the hot pits and take it to your own pit on the beach. It must be at least twenty feet from the water line before you apply a tool or wrench to it. The following are the only repairs allowed in the hot pits:

R/R Spark Plugs, tighten scoop grate, ride plate, adjust mirrors, add oil. Anything else is at the discretion of the Race Director, however ALL major repairs/fixes must be done in the individual racers own pit stall.

Race Site - Crazy Horse Campground, on "the Island", Lake Havasu City. Enter the main entrance to Crazy Horse, then stop at the guard shack and pay the day use fee ($15/car load) to the guard. This $15 fee applies to all vehicles, including your pit/tow car/truck. Then you will proceed the main beach at Crazy Horse, the same site as the World Finals. Please remember, we are the guests of the RV folks in the park and conduct yourselves accordingly.

Race Completion - The race will be deemed completed when the first boat has completed 30 laps. A shotgun will be fired and the checkered flag will be waived. That will be the winner of that class, and the remaining field will be ranked as they complete the lap that they are on at that time, first by quantity of laps completed, then finishing order to determine the various class winners and positions. At that time all boats will leave the water upon completion of the lap that they are on. In the event that the race committee determines it necessary and unavoidable to terminate the race without the possibility of restarting it later during the same day as long as one

lap has been completed by one boat it will be considered completed and scored as per the results of that lap. There is no possibility of rescheduling the race and no refunds will be made.

Race Pits - You may set up a pit on the main beach at Crazy Horse on Saturday, between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm. And no boats may be started, or launched prior to 6:30 am Sunday, race day. The Pits will start to the west (towards California) from the Hot Pits which are immediately to the west of the "boathouse", the only building on the beach. Each team may occupy an area of the beach/water no wider than 10', on a first come basis. Your canopy, trailer and truck must be in a line, not side by side, and may not be on the pavement. The pavement along the beach is available for a single lane of parallel parking ON THE BEACH SIDE OF THE ROAD ONLY. You may not park on the inland side of the pavement at all. No one under the age of 16 may operate any motor vehicle (pit bike, Rhino, quad, etc.) on the race beach, roads or site at any time or you may be subject to a fine from the property owner and/or penalties applied to that race boat.

Rescue/ Towing on Course - It is required that you carry some sort of flag (it can be just a piece of red or orange fabric) to wave in order to help the patrol/safety boats find you in the event your boat stops on the course. If needed they will tow you back to the pits. It is highly recommended that you carry a cell phone in a waterproof container to also facilitate locating you.

Registration & Check-In - Registration will be conducted at Havasu Powersports, 1040 No. Lake Havasu Ave. from 10 am until 5 pm on Saturday, Feb 11. Registration is only open by prior
arrangement on Saturday morning. You must check in, sign the waivers in person, and be arm- banded prior to setting up your pits. No arm-bands will be issued unless your entry is paid in full. All entries must be paid in full by February 1, neither payments nor entries will be accepted at the race site. After registration and check-in hot pits may be set up Saturday from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm. You may not re-enter the hot pits until Sunday after 6:30 am. No entries or payments will be accepted on race day.

Rider's Meeting - Is scheduled for 7:30 am Sunday morning at the DSM semi trailer on the beach road behind the hot pits. It is mandatory that you attend, there will be a roll call.

Scoring - Is based upon your number being read by the scoring antenna and/or scorers as you pass the scoring loop between the checkered buoys at the completion of each lap. Your passing will be automatically entered into a computer system on the scoring tower automatically as you pass and your transponder is read

Note: All racer(s) must designate which class they are entering at the time of registration and safety/tech inspection (prior to the race). If after the race the contestant is found to be "illegal" or not in the right class he/she will be immediately disqualified

Scoring Tower - This will be located on the main beach, just west of the hot pits at/near the water line and you will pass through a chicane of buoys and then between two checkered buoys. The purpose of this chicane is to cause you to pass the scorers at a speed such that your numbers can be read by them.
You must pass the scoring tower close enough and safely enough for the scorers to read your numbers. Any spraying or splashing of the scorers may result in a penalty, subject to the discretion of the race committee. THIS IS SOLELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! You may not

enter into the area inside of these buoys other than through the chicane or the entrance/exit lane to the hot pits. You will be penalized if you do.


Starting Procedure - The starting line up will be in order of when the entry was received by DSM, starting from the east side of the beach and running to the west. The first entry processed will have the "pole" position, second entry to the west, etc. A member of each boat's team (must be arm-banded, as must the rider) will hold the boat, engine off, and the riders will line up abreast, about fifty feet behind the boats, showing their safety lanyards. At the starter's gun and flag the riders will run to their boats, start them and launch onto the race course being careful to avoid race traffic and observing all civilian traffic. You must maintain your lane until you pass the buoys marking the entrance/exit to the hot pits at the perimeter/no wake line. You must hold your lane on all entrances to and exits from the hot pits. Remember, you do not have the right of way, you are running on a non-closed course and the safety of everyone is of paramount concern. STAND UPS NOTE :you will stage and line up for the start as above however all stand ups will have a separate start 2 minutes after the runabout start. This will be a flag start from the race director. Any standup jumping this start will be penalized one lap. There will be NO restarts after these two!

Technical Inspection (& questions) - All boats must undergo a safety & technical inspection to verify their race classification. See class rules above. This will be done at registration at Havasu Powersports at 1040 North Lake Havasu Blvd, Lake Havasu city, on Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm. Late inspection by special arrangement will be done at the hot pits Sunday morning between 7 and 8 am. To schedule a late inspection or to ask technical questions please contact our race director, Ross Wallach

Transponders - The 13th Annual Mark Hahn Memorial race will again be scored electronically. Each team will be required to register when they check in (at Havasu Powersports on Saturday) and rent a transponder. The cost for this is $30, and the team will be responsible for the $250 value of the unit until it is returned to our satisfaction. You will mount the unit in the front compartment of your hull and when you cross the scoring loop under the water in the lane next to the scoring boat your passing will be automatically recorded. The system will be backed up manually so all previous scoring/passing/numbering rules apply fully. If the transponder becomes loose in your boat the electronic scoring may become intermittent. This is your responsibility.

Waterfowl & Migratory Bird Mitigation Plan -

The United States Coast Guard (Coast Guard), working in conjunction with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, has requested that all event sponsors/applicants conducting regatta involving motorized boats in Lake Havasu and other locations in the Colorado River implement the following measures in order to avoid impacts on water fowl and other bird species that may be present in the proposed event areas.


Participants will have the obligation to visually scan the perimeter of the race course prior to the start of the race. If any participant should spot any water fowl or other bird species then that participant shall alert the race director or starter of the presence of the birds. The race director or

starter will instruct the course marshals to evacuate the water fowl prior to the start of the event. During the event, if a participant spots any water fowl or other bird species in the event area or race course then that participant shall attempt to point at it when passing the nearest course marshal. The course marshal shall take steps to evacuate the water fowl from the event area or race course. If any bird is in the path intended to be traveled by the vessels the race will be aborted until the bird is safely clear from the path of travel.

Perimeter Patrol & Tow Boats

The perimeter patrol & tow boats will regularly scan the outside edge of the race course to ensure that water fowl have not entered or are about to enter the event area or race course. Perimeter patrol will move towards water fowl at a slow speed to encourage the water fowl to leave the race course. Perimeter patrol will carry air horns to use sound methods to encourage the water fowl to leave the event area or race course. If water fowl is well within the race course, perimeter patrol will alert race director/course marshals to remove water fowl from the race area. Perimeter patrol will alert the race director or race starter not to begin the event until after the bird have left the event area.

Course Marshals

Course Marshals will regularly scan the entire event area of the race course to ensure that water fowl or other birds have not entered or are not anywhere in the event area. Course Marshals will move towards the birds at a slow speed to encourage the birds to leave the event area or race course. Course Marshals will carry air horns to use sound methods to encourage the birds to leave the race course. Course Marshals will alert the event leader or race starter not to begin a race until the area is clear of the birds.

Race Director/Race Starter

The race director or race starter will not start any race until the race director & race starter have completed their own scan of the permitted area to ensure the event area is clear of birds. The race director or race starter will have a pre-start period for perimeter patrol and course marshals to report the presence of any bird in order for the start to be delayed until the birds have been successfully evacuated.
All of these instructions will be given to all event participants and announced at all riders' briefings.

These rules & notes are as of January 20, 2017, and are subject to change without prior notice. Please email us with any questions you may have;

Jim Russell -

Mike Follmer -

Ross Wallach -