IJSBA is releasing the Managing Director's recommendations to the IJSBA Board of Directors for Rule Book changes for the 2019 competition season.   These reccomendations will be submitted on the evening of January 28.  Please send any and all comments or questions regarding this release to IJSBA by 5:00 PM PST on January 28.

1.       Recommendation that the Board of Directors pass a Ski Class rule change that formalizes the interpretation ruling that aftermarket hull and top deck configuration may be a maximum length of 97 inches from the furthest point of stern to the rear of the unit with an additional length of 5 inches, beyond the overall watercraft length, to be permitted for ride plate length and nozzle/venturi length.  Under no circumstances will the combined hull/top deck and extension exceed 102 inches.  The maximum engine displacement allowed will be: 1300cc if powered by a naturally aspirated two stroke engine; 1500cc if powered by a naturally aspirated four stroke engine and; 1100cc if powered by a four stroke engine that is equipped with any sort of forced induction.

2.       Recommendation that the Board of Directors adopt the following policy for Runabout 1100 Open and Modified Classes:  To utilize an aftermarket hull or top deck, a watercraft must be of one the following units:  Sea-Doo Spark (any); Yamaha EX (any).  All other units must utilize OEM hulls only.  This ruling has no effect on existing 800cc based two stroke watercraft that are currently allowed aftermarket hulls.

3.       Recommendation that the Board of Directors amend the Rec Lites category to allow the standard Yamaha EX but specifically exclude the Yamaha EXR. 

4.       Recommendation that the Board of Directors approve a policy that prohibits any type of Runabout seat or seat and accessory combination that allows the rider to lock into place while on the watercraft.  Language to be developed that limits the degree of saddle characteristics to the seat.  This policy will be in effect at the 2019 World Finals and must be adopted by all IJSBA Sanctioned Organizers by January 1, 2020.


In addition, the Board of Directors will be briefed on the following class changes at the 2019 World Finals:

1.       Mod Lites to be integrated into the Womens Ski class.  No change to be made to the Womens Ski Lites Class.

2.       A Sportsman Classic Sport GP class to be tentatively added.  Competitors may be allowed on an original Yamaha Waveblaster (also known as B1 Blaster) and original Kawasaki X2.  The Sportsman designation will exclude Pro Licensed riders as well as riders who have earned World Championships or frequent podium finishes in the last three years.  This will be a weekday class.  Standard Sport GP to be moved to the weekend.

3.       A tentative Classic Runabout 1000 class to be added.  Two Stroke Runabouts up to 1000cc will be allowed.

These will be the only changes and policies recommended to the Board.  For any questions or comments regarding this press release, please email info@ijsba.com.