IJSBA is pleased to announce that L&M Coatings is the latest vendor at the 2016 quakysense World Finals.  L&M coatings will be able to offer, on site, a protective coating for cell phones, including iPhones and Androids, as well as tablets, which make the devices waterproof up to 3 meters.  How many of us in the watersports industry have lost a cell phone to water damage.  This is a great product of the PWC lifestyle.

They are actually going to offer the service to apply this coating on site.  Before we tell you about their specials, watch the video on their website.  Seriously, take a minute to watch this, it is pretty cool:  http://www.lmcoating.com/.

Regular coating prices are: $60.00 cost for Cell Phones , $65.00 for Tablets and $30.00 for Key Fobs.  We didn't even know what a "Key Fob" was until we read their release and looked it up.... well, it turns out that's the proper name for the buttons on your key that lock/unlock your car doors remotely.  Thank you L&M Coatings for protecting our equipment and teaching us the proper terminology.

So, if you go to their shop, which is located at 70 Scott Drive, in Lake Havasu City, and have a quakysense World Finals wristband on, you will get 15% off the regular prices.  Otherwise, they will offer this coating in the trade show portion of the event while you wait.  We are pretty excited about them being at the event and hope you will give this very helpful product a try!