IJSBA has received the notice of the 2016 East European Jetski Cup which will bring fast action to warm weather.  Fresh off the IJSBA European Championships, we expect to find numerous racers at their most competitive condition and their watercraft already tune to perfection.  We have received a Powerpoint Notice as well as an official press release.

Download the Powerpoint notice and instructions here: Program Elektrenai

Official Press Release Here:


It seems Elektrenai be warmer than in other European cities. Elektrenai Lagoon water shake Jetski engines thunder.

August 05 – 07 days for the third time in Lithuania, will be held Elektrenai EAST EUROPEAN JETSKI CUP 2016.

Participants: Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kaliningrad drivers.

Event organizers said had not been receiving any such interest in the neighboring countries.

So, you can not miss this event. 2016.08.01-02 days, be sure to visit the Elektrenai held EAST EUROPEAN JETSKI CUP 2016 competition and see how we can curb water.

Support - the best motivation for those who will turn the wheels, and will raise the waves in the air.

Best regards

LVMSF, Deivis Zizas.