Less than 50 day update


IJSBA has broken the 50 day mark until the 2016 quakysense World Finals.  The joy we would normally experience getting closer to the biggest gathering of our friends and colleagues as been overshadowed by tragedy.  Please share the following news with your friends and colleagues in the PWC Racing family.

1.        John Dady.


As the managing director, I have never before had such a difficult time typing the following words.  John Dady passed away this morning of August 12, 2016.  Known for being the owner of Blowsion, John was a caring husband, and amazing father, a loyal employer, a generous benefactor to the sport he loved, and a truly talented and creative artist. 


John loved watercraft… specifically he loved Skis and tolerated runabouts- but he was known to be caught enjoying a ride on a sit down when one was available.  He loved Freeride and was very passionate about supporting the athletes who challenged the surf.  John loved to paint and create and was frequently up painting until well past midnight because he had a hard time turning down a helmet job because he loved doing them so much. 


People loved getting John’s creations.  His work can be seen on the helmets of professional sports teams, race car drivers, and on numerous vehicles and special projects.  John was very proud to paint watercraft and watercraft helmets.  He loved the PWC industry and was eager to be a part of it ever since forming his first paint and graphic business- Blow Vision which later became an industry leader that it is today.  When the Under The Bridge Freestyle show came into being, John was the first one to be a part of it.  He took tremendous pride in being the title sponsor.


As much as he loved the sport, nothing could match John’s love for his family.  In regular phone calls John would always brag about the amazing support he received from his wife, Kristy, and what a fantastic partner she was to him.  John was immensely proud of his two young sons and loved to share their athletic accomplishments as well as having them showcase talents like singing the Bohemian Rhapsody- perfectly.  John and his family loved to spend weekends in Pacific City.


Simply put, John Dady was one of the finest people ever to exist in the PWC family.  Loyal to his staff and colleagues, John would be the first person to step up and start a donation drive when John’s own friends were killed leaving and orphan son.  The Blowsion Surf Slam which John created continued to have supporting Mason Waddle as a major reason for hosting the event.  John could always be counted upon to be supportive to his friends.  John’s passing is an terrible loss to the entire watercraft industry.  Personally, he was one of the best friends I have ever had and I will miss him deeply (SF).


IJSBA will bring news and information on how to send our respects to the Dady family as we receive it. 


2.       Under the Bridge Freestyle Show


The Under The Bridge Freestyle Show will take place, as scheduled, October 8.  The event will be renamed to memorialize John Dady.


3.       Membership Cards


IJSBA ran out of membership cards and ordered more.  This time there really was a 45 day wait to get some of your cards.  We are sorry for any delays Membership data is sent to every promoter and is available from IJSBA if needed.


4.       Large Teams and Trailers at World Finals


If you have a trailer over 28 feet long and, especially, if you have a team of 5 competitors or more and want to pre-arrange pit placement, please email


5.       VIP Pit Space


IJSBA will have a very limited amount of VIP pit options available this year.  Please email for information.


6.       VP Fuels


VP Fuels is the official fuel of IJSBA and the 2016 quakysense World Finals.  They will be releasing their annual list of specials and items they are bringing to the event.  VP is the only fuel sold on site at World Finals. VP Fuels are also available at Tech One, in Lake Havasu City.   For more information, please visit: