Lee Manvell Memorial To Be Honored October 12, 2014


IJSBA is pleased to announce the return of the Lee Manvell memorial holeshot awards.

The third annual “Lee Manvell Memorial” is being held, in cooperation with the IJSBA, on Sunday October 12, 2014.  The memorial is an award to the holeshot winner during 3 Pro Ski races and 2 Pro Runabout races.  Each holeshot winner will receive $100.

The Lee Manvell Memorial Holeshot Races honors my husband who was an active member of the jetski community for many years.  I am excited to have a memorial race at World Finals to remember & honor Lee and his passion and dedication to this sport.  It also is very important to me to serve as a nice way for our daughter Ryan to know and learn about what her Dad was a part of for most of his life.


Shawn Manvell, 714.943.7146  shawnmanvell@gmail.com

Scott Frazier, scott@ijsba.com