Ok, I think this is a weekly pre-World Finals update.  Right now, this is being written in Lake Havasu City while attending a couple of meetings to get the initial ground work for the 35th Anniversary quakysense World Finals started.  This is one of those times when the update is being written when there is no internet reception and will be posted when there is some.  So, I cant remember when I promised the weekly updates world start.  Its approximately two months until the gates open so this is a good enough time as any even if the weekly updates were scheduled to start later.  July is ending and August is the month where we fool ourselves into believing there is a lot of time left to get things in order for World Finals.  September is a total panic.  Lets all commit to not procrastinate.  Please share the following news with your friends and colleagues in the PWC Racing family.


  1.  IJSBA Website.  Well, I was going to start off by commenting about the IJSBA website really is slow to evolve.  But, the back end software isn't letting me make a new paragraph without renumbering.  So, everything about our internet presence is disappointing, today, but, this is really frustrating because I hate structuring the paragraphs this way and nothing I do is changing it.  Oh well.  Anyway,  Scoring Director Melissa Ellison has been working as the part time Executive Admin and, as is helping us update all the 2015 World Finals web pages for 2016.  She will also be inputting in your World Finals entry information.  We are super lucky to have her on staff and, if you get an email from her, give her a nice hello and let her know how grateful the sport is to have her.  Maybe she can write the next one of these updates.
  2. IJSBA Hiring Social Media And Internet Support.  Given what I just wrote above, if you are within driving distance of the San Francisco Bay Area and want a couple of days a week worth of work, AND ARE A LEGITIMATELY TRAINED IT/SOCIAL MEDIA PERSON, please send your resume to info@ijsba.com and we might have a job for you.  We want to hire someone who knows things about PWC not just the web/apps/and how to get our Outlook files to not be 40GB.  The work begins mid-August.  Please only apply if you are reliable and are serious about taking the job.  You will have your own desk, which is kind of big time, but will also have some filing and clerical duties.  Let us know.
  3. 2016 quakysense World Finals Gets The Upper Parking Lot Back.  Not everything is glum, we are thrilled to learn that Lake Havasu City has agreed to lease the parcel of land, from Arizona State, that used to be part of the Crazy Horse Campground complex.  This doesn't sound exciting but is really important to World Finals.  It means that we have way more parking and staging that we didn't have last year.  This also means that the registration trailer, for sign-in beginning October 3rd, will be located much closer to the event and will be less of a hassle for those of you who didn't honor the commitment we made in the opening section of this update to stop procrastinating.
  4. Quite A Bit Of Racing Going On.  Racing has been excellent.  IJSBA events have enjoyed much higher turnouts, in 2016, as we mentioned last week.  There was a strong turnout at the Euro Finals in Nysa, Poland.  The first DJSA race, in Northern California, had a good crowd of participants joining the IJSBA program.  The Canadian Nationals were strong as were the inconveniently planned events just up the road in Milford Connecticut.  This weekend Greg Matta brings out his ever passionate best with his Arena Racing in Parhump Nevada, Nauti Water is going big in Pomona Lake, Kansas.  This weekend, Canada goes west with the WCWA's big race.  There is a lot of racing next weekend, too.  We will be packing up to go to the World Endurance Championships in Vladivostok Russia but will bring you releases of these events before we go.
  5. Apology From IJSBA For Questionable Rhetoric.  Speaking of the Euro Finals, A couple of updates ago, I called out some people who engage in some unscrupulous behavior by not paying their bills owed to the sport.  I said these people sucked.  I meant it then and stand by this statement.  (This isn't really much of an apology so far.)  Since then someone I respect put out a message saying that he thought it wasn't the best rhetoric for the IJSBA website to tell people they suck.  I think, in this case, the suck was lost in translation but maybe not.  But, the intention was to shame and offend those who rip off the good people of the sport not to upset good people in the sport.  So, I apologize if anyone (besides the people who didn't pay or bounced checks) was upset by that language.  So, dishonest people in the sport do, indeed, suck, but I am sorry for saying it that way.  I now offer the following correction: unethical World Finals contributors who didn't pay your bills, you still suck but not in the sense of the intransitive verb meaning to define you as contemptible.  Rather, you suck in the active verb tense where you are physically sucking the legitimately place efforts and energies from others and misappropriating them for your own unearned gain.
  6. A Lot Of People Are Racing In the 2016 quakysense World Finals.  It is still July and we have already received invitation and support requests from more than 25 nations attending the event.  Since we cant stop the WordPress from automatically numbering the paragraphs, we are going to end this update by pasting the list below.  See you in a week for the next update.  Hopefully one more informative than this one.Australia















    New Zealand







    United Kingdom

    United States OF America