IJSBA is please to relay the following information regarding the return of arena style racing in the United States:

 2015 IJSBA 1st Super Arena Water Cross World Cup, 7th National Super Arena Water Cross Championship  September 18-20 ,2015


Dear PWC Racing Enthusiast .WE are back a little late in the year ,but back !

Las Vegas PWC Racing & school Promotions and Golden Gaming are pleased to have the opportunity to present the 2015 1st IJSBA Super Arena Water Cross & Freestyle     Championships titles   9/20/15(WSAWC ) The 7th Annual National Super Arena Water Cross & Freestyle Championships      (NSAWC) that took a 8 year break due to the economy and certain circumstances .The First World      Championship Titles will be held again at Lake Side Casino & RV Resort in Pahrump, Nevada, 55      minutes from the world renowned  Las Vegas Strip.

The First IJSBA title was close course racing and then came the big water craft and endurance ,off shore titles and now there are now arena style championships that offer a more condensed and intense type of racing in a closed atmosphere designed to give spectators a thrill irrespective of their viewing position.

This award winning venue (by Sam goody RV )which is comprised of a beautiful 7-acre lake that is surrounded by grass and a RV park that provides, some of the hottest racing action in the US, with excellent views of the racecourse and a casino and restaurant and a store within two minute walking distance. We are very pleased that the Golden Casino Group has purchased the Lake Side Resort and has invited LVPWC back since we had built quite a spectator base with our show to the public that has obviously demanded the races to come back to Pahrump and now the great racing action is back on track and is only going to get bigger and better.

We are having the history making championships two weeks before the IJSBA close course World Finals. All the Foreigners from 43 countries, from years ago were want to be in the infamous Race. They all come to the World Finals and this is another title they can grab and they have never been on nothing like this in their entire racing career so they are excited to come and ride on that first of its kind PWC race track. This event will also serve as one of the final qualifying opportunities for the annual World Championships in Lake Havasu City, held October 6-11 at Crazy Horse Resort and Campground.

2015 will be LVPWC’s seventh year in promoting the National- Event to be held in compliance and sanctioned by the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA). This event will be put on by LVPWC Promotions and the Golden Casino group which has a very big umbrella and will promote and market the event and also other interested groups. This is and was one of the most safest racing series in the history of racing jet ski's with one accident in 6 years of racing .

For more information, please visit: www.lasvegaspwcpromotions.com