Update 10/25/06: Larry is doing very well, hear are the updates ... he is joking, using the bathroom and in the clear.. he will have some touch up surgeries at diffferent a hospital end of the week... ..        (  Cedar Sinai 8700 beverly blvd, in the north tower building 8)   clay

Larry Rippenkroeger   The IJSBA is very sad to report that Larry Rippenkroeger has been seriously injured on the set on Die Hard 4. Larry suffered a 25 foot fall from a scaffolding and sustained two broken arms, a skull fracture, fractured ribs, a punctured lung, and other injuries.

Reports indicate that all treatments have been successful so far and that the skull fracture has not produced intracranial swelling -which is a very good sign. He is in the company of his family and girlfriend during treatment.

Larry Rippenkroeger has been one of the heroes of this sport. He was instrumental in the growth of IJSBA racing into a prestigious activity. Larry has been a mentor to thousands of PWC enthusiasts. He was working on the set of Die Hard 4 where he serves as Bruce Willis’ stunt double. Larry was recently inducted into the first annual IJSBA hall of fame. The enclosed picture is of Larry at the induction ceremony.

The IJSBA is compiling a get well package. If you would like to send cards or well wishes, the IJSBA will forward them for you. Please send them to:

Attn: Larry Rippenkroeger
330 Purissima Street, Ste. C
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

The IJSBA will explore whether a support fund or other services are needed to assist Larry. We will keep you posted as to any news that may develop. Please keep Larry Rippenkroeger in your thoughts and prayers.