IJSBA is very pleased to announce the support of Big O Tires in bringing the 2019 Blowsion Under The Bridge Freestyle Competition as a free event to all spectators.  The Blowsion titled event is a portion of the 2019 Thai Airways World Finals which takes place October 5-13 at Crazy Horse Campground in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  The Under The Bridge component, as you might imagine, happens Saturday Night, October 12, under the Famous London Bridge.


Some of these press releases start getting wordy with all the levels of sponsorship.  However, IJSBA wants to take a moment to remind the public how many parties are required to form an event of this caliber.  A title sponsor comes in to show their commitment to giving back to the greater community by facilitating and  inspiring human achievement.  Specific portions of the sponsored event later receive support to help provide an elevated showcase to particular parts of the sport.  Further sponsors recognize the importance the event has to the local community and wants to ensure both that the competitors have the resources to do their best and that the local population has the chance to  observe and interact with amazing athletes. 

The local Big O Tires exists to ensure that Lake Havasu City has access to affordable tires installed at a well known level of top quality service.  This sponsorship is consistent with the mission of enriching opportunities for the community.  This year is the 38th consecutive installment of the World Finals in Lake Havasu City and this legacy of success is due to a major network of support within the Personal Watercraft industry, greater enterprise at large, and a massive amount of generosity from local businesses.  Over the next few months, we will have a lot of writing to do to try and thank every contributor.  Today, we highlight Big O Tires for providing IJSBA the resources we need to continue to offer this night show to the public free of any spectator charges.