Anyone who attends both the 2014 Jettribe World Finals and the King’s Cup in Pattaya, Thailand, knows what a good deal this is.  Here is this year’s information straight from TJSBA:

“1 Stop Service Freight Package” to King’s Cup – Jet Ski World Cup, Thailand 2014 Is Open for Booking Now!

With ever increasing demands for our service, this year our “1 Stop Service Freight Package” is now ready and open for booking.

For those unfamiliar with our service, this is such a convenient way to send your jet skis to our King’s Cup – Jet Ski World Cup, Thailand 2014. Simply follow our shipping instructions and that's it!! After the World Finals your boats will sail easily to wait for you at Pattaya City ( The official hotel ). Once you finish here, give it 28 - 42 days (depending on the route), your craft will wait for you at the port of your destination with option A : “World Finals Race Site – Pattaya City ,Thailand – Sea port of your country”

You can also send your craft from your country as a round - trip one - stop service package with our option B : “Sea port of your country – Pattaya City ,Thailand – Sea port of your country”

Last year, more than 70 boats traveled to our King's Cup using our service but many sadly missed this opportunity!

The important thing is we have to prepare for all necessary processes & documents. So far, we have received plenty of reservations, so you'd better hurry because we can accept only a limited number of boats. Therefore, for those interested in taking this special package, please make a reservation and also a payment as soon as possible. See the attached reservation form for more details.

Here is the price list and maximum box size of each Jet Ski Category :

Maximum No. Jet Ski Category Price/ craft (USD) Box Size (CM) Width Height Length

1 Stand-Up Ski 1,490 90 cm. 95 cm. 230 cm.

2 Sport 1,590 90 cm. 115 cm. 280 cm.

3 Runabout 800 1,590 115 cm. 110 cm. 280 cm.

4 Runabout 4Stroke (tilted position) 1,950 115 cm. 126 cm. 365 cm.

5 Runabout 4Stroke 2,650 140 cm. 126 cm. 365 cm.

For more information please contact : Ms. Pimonporn Suparatanasit (Fon), Watercross World AMSE’s

International Manager via this e mail :

King’s Cup - Jet Ski World Cup, Thailand