We have received the following press release from Team Reiterer.  While IJSBA does not have a Super Champion Of The World Title, we will pass on the release without editing it because of the feat of counting more than 86,000 points let alone accumulating this type of a score.


From Team Reiterer:

Second year in a row Super Champion of the World

Kevin had another stellar season, accumulating an amazing 86,099 points -- over 1,000 more than last year and almost twice as that of the next racer. While he certainly makes it seem easy, those who follow jet racing closely know that it wasn't all smooth for young Austrian star. This year Kevin had his share of mechanical problems and an occasional mistake, but his consistency was simply unmatched -- in well over 70 starts, he only had a handful of finishes outside podium!

To gain the first points of the 2014 season Kevin has to get a podium place in the upcoming race, next weekend, in Abu Dhabi (UAE). He is the last year UAE Champion and is looking forward to the winter season.