IJSBA has just received this from the team of Kevin Reiterer:

3. Alpe Adria Cup Poland, Wroclaw

Last weekend, the third round oft he Alpe Adria Cup took place in Wroclaw Poland. Kevin Reiterer, could extend his points lead in Ski Limited and GP and won the overall victory of this weekend as well. “I am feeling great on my skis at the moment!

My setup is almost perfect and I am really looking forward to the upcoming weekends!”; says the young Austrian. The following weekend the second stop of the European Tour will take place in Mirandela, Portugal. “An amazing two week trip is on the plan! This week we are testing in Portugal and have the race on the weekend and the next week we will be heading to Biarritz for a week off- surfing in one of the hottest spots in Europe!”