This just in from the highly publicized Team Reiterer:


Last weekend the second round of Alpe Adria Cup took place in Hungary. 100 entrees fought in 7 classes for the top spots on the podium. This was Kevin Reiterer’s 5 race in a row. “I guess, I have never competed in so many events than this year. I am in my zone and can’t wait to be on the starting line next weekend in France at the Jetcrosstour. It just makes so much fun, traveling with your Bros to amazing places, doing what you love and with my determination I am ready to gain that Pro Ski World Title back!”, tells us the young Austrian in an Interview. This weekend he just dominated Pro Ski Limited and Pro Ski GP and gained more points in the overall championship.

Next weekend the 3. Round of the France Nationals will take place near Paris. It’s going to be a flat water race but Kevin is excited to be out there battling it out against one of the best in the world.