IJSBA is pleased to share the following schedule and information we have received from the Jr. Stars organizers:

2015 JUNIOR STAR Day with the Pros

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JR Star Program is kicking off the 34th Annual IJSBA World Finals with the “Day with the Pros” Sunday October 4th. Here’s the schedule:



Chris Hagest kicks off the 2015 Junior Star “Day with the Pros” with some words for the kids. Hagest also introduces the mentors and explains how the stations will work.



Social Media & Sponsorships

Anna Glennon & Mark Gomez


Kids will get the chance to learn about the importance of presenting a good attitude and positive social media that can attract potential sponsors. Mark Gomez and Anna Glennon are two of the most popular social media icons in the industry, and they will partner up to touch on some of these topics:

 Importance of positive social media.

 How to promote sponsors in media.

 The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media.

 Their personal experience with sponsorships.

 What do sponsors look for?

 Win prizes!


With special appearance by KMG Racing/Mystik Lubes David & Dawn Fekete: What are potential sponsors looking for on your social media?



Robert Sands


Race prep is for parents and the kids! The importance of those last minute checks before the starting band snaps is crucial. Get some tips from some mechanics and racers who have been there.

 Checking ride plates.

 Checking duckbills.

 Double checking waterlines.

 Making sure you have ski stands, etc.

 What are they looking for in the tech tent?

 How to prepare your skis for safety inspection.

 Win prizes!



Mike Klippenstein, Josh Block, David Redinger


Kids can learn tips and tricks on getting great starts with some of the racers with the best starts out there!

 Go over tips from transitioning from both feet in the tray, one foot, both feet on the ground.

 Let racers give their own tips.


With special appearance by Chad Cole “The Vanilla Gorilla”, on the importance of good communication with your holder.



Chris MacCluggage


Resist the cheeseburger! Learn about the importance of a healthy pre-race diet from one of the most successful athletes in the sport.


 Eat this, Not that.

 Fitness suggestions.

 Preparing for race day.

 Win prizes!




Nedra Attwood & Kary Austin


This is for the new riders as well as the returning Juniors! Learn everything you need to know about the crazy week at the world finals at this station. Let the No. 1 fan give you a little guidance so you don’t miss out on any of the cool things happening this week.


 What days the Juniors compete.

 When/Where to go to register.

 When/where the Parade of Nations will be.

 When/where awards will be.

 When/where freestyle under the bridge will be.

 Win prizes!



Tera Laho & Special Celebrity Announcer


You all are potential champions, and it’s important that you can communicate like one! Get the chance to practice a podium interview with the one and only Dawn Dawson, and get tips from a pro racer who has been there.

 How to stay positive even when things didn’t go your way.

 Practicing remembering all those sponsors.

 How to answer those fly ball questions.

 Win prizes!




We also have additional Pro Mentors, some of the most talented athletes in the world, that will be onsite to work with the Juniors as their group leaders. All Pro Mentors are tentative; stay tuned as we will update this list of awesome athletes:

Phil Segers

Jake Zier

Dustin Motzouris

Tyron Motzouris

Dave Davidson

Kody Copenhaver

Quinten Bossche

Toshi O’Hara

Bill Haig

Blake Wicklund

Brooks D’Antonio

Brock Austin

Ryan Decker

Benjamin Scharff

Tyler Hill

Aaron Geweke

Amy Green