Following on from the recent intiatives by the IJSBA to expand junior racing at the world finals with the introduction of the 10-12 class .The Australian affiliate (AJSBA) have now secured approval from the underwriters of its insurance policy to allow junior racing (10-15yo) at approved sites throughout Australia.

This is a major breakthrough and sets the way open for the growth of PWC racing in Australia and the potential emergence of Australia in the international PWC community .

An exhaustive junior race protocol has been defined and will be adopted by all AJSBA affiliated clubs in Australia throughout the next year.The intial classes will be 10-12 yo stk ski and 13-15yo stk ski.

We anticipate as the numbers grow in the next year or so we will consider the addition of the 13-15 ltd ski class.

The largest PWC club in Australia (JSCB-Jet Sports Club of Brisbane) is leading the way following the AJSBA intiative and already has as series of junior rider training days locked in for the Australian Winter with the first Australian Junior Series scheduled for August and September 2005.

Craig Day
Vice President