Turbo-X1---2IJSBA is passing on the following press release from JRR Turbochargers regarding their new X1 System:

JRR Turbochargers are the product of more than four straight years of research and development into creating a new level of performance products specifically engineered towards personal watercraft.  This system has been a secret of top performing teams and is now available to the general public via the new X1 System.

Starting by using the proven and leading components dominating the PWC performance industry, JRR crafted a turbocharger system which was intended to set new standards in reliability and performance.  Thousands of hours were spent on several prototype systems while comparing and improving upon the turbochargers that were currently being used in the watercraft market.  X1 systems were developed concurrently on Yamaha, Sea-Doo, and Kawasaki platforms rather than build one system for one platform and attempt to retrofit it to another.

The X1 version had produced 500 Brake Horsepower in endurance races and has made it through the complete Mark Hahn 300 without any mechanical failures.  There are no shortcuts or weak links in the system; no rubber couplers found here.  The handmade intercooler is a work of art and was designed to meet the demands of the massive turbocharger output.

JRR Turbochargers is a proud sponsor of IJSBA, the Hydrodrag Series, The Jetracer World Endurance Tour, The IJSBA World Finals, and will be surfacing at other events around the world.  Please watch www.ijsba.com for more information about this product line as specifications and distributor information will all be announced in the next coming weeks