JR Star Racing Hosts Annual “Ride With The Pros” Event

JR Star Racing proudly announces their annual “Ride with the Pros” event, Sunday, October 6, 2013, from 8:30a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at Crazy Horse Campgrounds.

Thanks to the support of Scott Frazier and the IJSBA, the event is taking place at the actual race site of the 2013 Hot Products World Finals.

All registered junior riders are invited to attend.  Registration for the day begins at 8:30.  Juniors will sign in and receive the 2013 JR Star Racing t-shirt and bag of goodies.  Light snacks and drinks will be provided.  This is also a good time to meet other junior riders and some of today’s top pro riders.

The first clinic of the day, “On the Line with Chris MacClugage and Kody Copenhaver” begins at 9:00.  The pros will teach top tips and safety on the actual World Finals starting line.  Pro riders will model safe starts and holding your line to the first turn.  After watching pros demo these skills, junior riders will practice mock starts with the help of the pros.

At 9:45 riders will safely move their skis from the starting line over to the slalom course.  This is the time to grab another quick drink or snack.  JR Star Racing will be raffling off prizes at this time as well.  Junior riders will be eligible to win gas cans, gas gift cards, Go Pros, scissor stands, and more.

The second clinic of the day, “Slalom with Kevin Reiterer” begins at 10:00.  Kevin will talk to the juniors about training for, and being successful at, slalom.  He will discuss smoothness, technique, and consistency through the course.  After a few pros model clean runs, the juniors will get a chance to practice and receive constructive feedback from pro riders.  This is the first year that slalom is being addressed at this educational event.  This is an exciting new opportunity for juniors to learn.

At 10:45 riders will safely move their skis back to the starting line.  Again, there will be time to grab a quick drink or snack, and another chance to win fabulous prizes.  Sponsors of JR Star Racing have been very generous this year.  The raffles are sure to be a big hit.

The last clinic of the day, “Take it to the Track with Dustin Motzouris” begins at 11:00.  Dustin will teach the juniors top tips on passing, safety, and the layout of the actual race course.  All of the pros will then run the track and model safe passing.  Finally, junior riders will get in on the action and safely moto with the pros.

The event will conclude with more raffles and a few remarks from JR Star Racing.

JR Star Racing will have a display set up in Performance Alley throughout World Finals week.  If you are unable to attend “Ride with the Pros” you can still stop by and check out some other ways the organization supports junior riders.

Each year JR Star Racing tries to gather enough donations to cover the cost of t-shirts, goodie bags, and awards.  Every penny donated to the JR Star Racing program goes directly to the kids- there are no “administrative fees” or company costs to be concerned about.  The kids look forward to these awards and recognition in the jet ski world.

There is less than six weeks left before the 2013 Hot Products World Finals.  JR Star Racing is looking for more sponsors to help support this year’s “Ride with the Pros” day, as well as prizes for the JR Star winners.  If you are interested, make a donation today on PayPal: jrstarracing@gmail.com, or contact JR Star Racing at jrstarracing@gmail.com.

If you would like more information about JR Star Racing or are interested in sponsoring the JR Star Racing program, please contact Bridget Hagest at 928-846-9594, or email Bridget Hagest at jrstarracing@gmail.com.