IJSBA is pleased to announce that Jettrim will take the top honor of bringing the 40th Anniversary World Finals to the PWC Racing Community.  Jettrim's dedication to the sport found them with the motivation to ensure that PWC Racing had the resources to recover from the pandemic and forge onward to a sustainable future.  With this goal, and with the desire for this very special World Finals to achieve the prestige of the occasion, not only did Jettrim step up to the table, but they upped the ante with a two year agreement to ensure everyone that PWC Racing is here to stay and that Jettrim would be right behind it in full support of the organizers, the athletes and the enthusiasts who are all part of this great legacy.  The 2021, 40th Anniversary World Finals, take place October 2-10 in Lake Havasu City, Arizona at Crazy Horse Campgrounds and Resort.


Jettrim is the leader in craftsman quality custom stitched seat covers and traction mats for Personal Watercraft.  Jettrim has been a key factor in the success of racing ever since the infancy of the first Jet-Ski.  Jettrim recognized that these new vessels would need to be customized the be as unique as the persons who operated them.  Jettrim has been affiliated with the pioneering of several innovations in PWC Racing: custom angle foot tray, splash guards, raised seats, foot locks, enhanced Freestyle traction, and much more.  All Jettrim products are hand crafted to order and have always been considered the most elite quality accessory that one could have on their watercraft.

   In addition to being an industry leader, Jettrim epitomizes the soul of the PWC community.  Jettrim began when master upholstery stitcher, Gary Hart, recognized that the new Jet-Ski product could benefit from his craft and began stitching custom accessories.  By 1983, Gary had formed Jettrim to meet the demand for his products that had skyrocketed along wit the new popularity of PWC.  Jettrim was officially formed, in Lake Havasu City, right after the every first World Finals and has been going ever since.  Upon the passing of Gary Hart, Frank Walsh took the reigns to ensure that the global PWC community would always have continued access to top quality handmade products.  Jettrim remains, today, a family owned business centered on the passion for the sport located in the home land of World Finals.

  Please take a moment to express appreciation for a company who has decided to generously give back to ensure that the world's best racing and greatest community will continue for another 40 years!!!!  IJSBA will be posting regular information about World Finals and all things PWC beginning July 6.