My experience with Jettribe,

From the second I walked up to the Jetttribe set up I was extremely impressed with how well and how big their set up was. Tony and his wife were beyond nice and made my experience with them very comfortable. I started off with taking pictures with Jettribe fans and giving them a Jettribe catalog. What really stood out to me was how everyone not only knew what Jettribe was, but also was wearing the product. After I got to go into the water at Lake Perris,Ca, where the event was taking place.

I took pictures with the Jettribe product and with a couple more fans. Towards the end of the day I had a chance to interview a couple of younger kid racers and also a couple of Women racers and Women Freestyle racers. That was a lot of fun especially how comfortable their camera crew made me feel. Overall the environment was fun and extremely friendly.

There's no better feeling then being able to promote a product that everyone loves. My Jettribe experience as a Jettribe Model was definitely amazing and something I would love to keep pursing in life.