The Jettribe Travel Team has returned from their race in Asia.  They had an amazing trip!!  Her is some of what they had to say about the time they spent there:

Anne and Charles Sims:

The trip to China was incredible!  It was exciting meeting riders from all over the world and we made quite a few new friends!  The competition was thrilling!   There were Jet Ski racers, fly boarders, hover boards and thousands of people in the crowd watching.  Afterwards the Jettribe team was treated like rock stars:  giving autographs and getting their pictures taken.  The people in China were very gracious.  It was an amazing trip!

Jarod Ajlouny:

Had an amazing time in China and am honored to be a part of the Jettribe family. I got to experience a completely new culture and met many new friends! Words can not express how performing in front of over 20k people at night felt. A trip to remember!

Keith Jacques:

My trip with Jettribe was amazing!!!

I can't express enough how greatful I am to have been brought on the Jettribe team and get the opportunity to compete overseas:)  It was a great place with even better people.  A big shout out to our host over there and of course (after this experience I would call my Jettribe family) Tony, Jared, Annie and Charles Sims.  Hands down the most fun I have ever had riding.

A trip I will never forget!!

We are glad our riders made it home safely and we all look forward to the next Asian adventure!

Jettribe Race Trailer

Did you know that our Jettribe Race Trailer was bought while we were on the national tour 4 years ago? We saw a killer deal on Ebay and hit the "Buy It Now" button! Now we own  trailer that was in Georgia and we found another awesome deal on a Ford F350 dually in Florida. Then Tony bought a one way ticket from California to Florida with a cashier's check in hand to pick up the dually in Florida then drove to Georgia to pick up the trailer.

Then the next few months while we ran the UWP National tour we started to ship out the graphics wraps for the trailer and the interior to be installed on the trailer.