If there is an IJSBA Sanctioned Event then Jettribe is usually there. The folks at this this popular PWC Lifestyle company are always backing successful riders and helping promoters. The contributions Jettribe makes to the spirit and motivations of our sport cannot be understated.

Sometimes Jettribe is at an event that misappropriates IJSBA properties. Obviously that doesn't bother us enough to not put their updates on our website. Jettribe is a great company and we wont judge them for their occasional lapse in judgment. They make an awesome IJSBA patch that goes on their race team shirts. Look for them, this Sunday, at the Mark Hahn 300.

Mark Hahn Memorial 300 - February 12, 2017

The long awaited Mark Hahn endurance race is finally here. For Jettribe, it marks the beginning of each race season. Our Jettribe International Team Riders are showing up in full force from all corners of the world. The Jettribe race rig will be rolling into Lake Havasu City Saturday morning to be ready for our 2017 race events. The first will be the 1st & 2nd rounds of the Jettribe Best of the West series on April 8th & 9th at Windsor Beach, and later it will be traveling to the 3rd & 4th rounds of the Jettribe Best of the West on May 6th & 7th at Blue Water Casino in Parker, Arizona.

The 13th Annual Mark Hahn Memorial 300 will take place on February 12th, 2017 at beautiful Lake Havasu, Arizona, on the same shores as the World Finals. This is the world's longest endurance race, and honors the late rider Mark Hahn, who passed away during a PWC race in 2004. The 300 mile race will test man, woman and machine. This historic event will feature Jettribe's own Christian Dagostin from Australia, Cameron & Trey Frame from West Virginia, Carlos Truta, Filipe Filipe, and Tiogo Sousa from Portugal, and Havasu local Charles Anderson with "home court advantage."

We are honored and grateful to be working with the IJSBA and the many great events they help put together each year. We would like to thank the Crazy Horse Campground and the City of Lake Havasu for hosting the event. We'd also like to thank Jim Russell with DSM who will be running a flawless event for sure.

We are always excited to see our Jettribe Team Riders on the starting line.

This will be a perfect start to the 2017 season. Best wishes and ride safe from the Jettribe Family.