IJSBA has received the following recap, by Jettribe, of the 2016 Mark Hahn 300. IJSBA would like to add our congratulations to Mike Follmer for completing his 12th consecutive installment of this event that brings so many people together to honor the Passion for Endurance racing. IJSBA would also like to extend our gratitude to Jettribe who sponsors so many athletes in our sport.

2016 Mark Hahn Memorial Race

Jettribe attended this year's 12th Annual Mark Hahn Memorial Race. Unlike last year's event, the weather was incredible. Low 80's, beautiful and sunny. The racers could not have asked for a better day to be racing. Congratulations to the French Team of Jean-Bruno Pastorello and Jean Baptiste Botti for taking home the overall 1st place win for the 5th straight year. Jettribe Team Riders also took home some incredible wins this year.

We would like to give a huge congratulations to Jettribe Team riders Carlos Truta and Filipe Filipe of Team Samuka for taking home the 1st place in Verterans,
2nd place in Pro and a 3rd place overall win.

Aero Aswar of Indonesia took home several awards this year as well. Aero took 2nd place in the Ironman, 3rd place in Stock and a 5th place in Open.

Aqsa Aswar of Indonesia also taking home several awards. 1st place in the Ironman, 2nd place in Stock and a 3rd place in Open class.
Congratulations to both the Aswar brothers!!!

Jettribe Team riders Renee Hill and Tyler Hill of Hill Racing made an outstanding 1st place win in the 4-stroke naturally aspirated class.
You did amazing out there this year.

This year's pit crew of the year award went to Team Klippenstein.

Thank you to Jim Russell, Scott Frazier of the IJSBA and Ross Wallach of RPM Racing for putting on another superb endurance race.
See you all at the next endurance offshore race, Martinique Jet Race in Martinique on April 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2016.