Jettribe makes it to Florida for the Daytona Freeride in Daytona, Florida!

Huge waves, bigger and better tricks on some of the world's most powerful standup skis, cold beach weather, and even colder drinks. What could be a better way to let the good times roll and bring in the New Year? The 2014 Thrust Innovations Daytona Freeride down in Daytona, Florida was a blast as always! Nothing could keep the Freeriders or the spectators from the one and only Daytona Freeride, even if it was a bit chilly. The Grand Seas Resort had a spectacular view, ideal staff, and of course a Tiki Bar nearby that also helped warm people up. Riders such as Mark Gomez, Zack Bright, Tanner Thomas, Taylor Curtis, Carter Bracket, Seth Zaluski, and many more great riders put on an amazing show for those lucky enough to catch the event. Whether or not you missed it, rider Seth Zaluski put together a video for ProRider Magazine that gives viewers a great synopsis of what the event was like, including the pronounced show Mark Gomez put on in the Hotel Pool. Go check it out:

In case you didn't know, Nicholas Foederer and his team have been putting this event on for 10 years and Jettribe has been lucky enough to be a part of it for 6 of those years. Nick and his team have astounded riders and spectators alike each year by booking a great hotel next to the beach, having delicious hot food available nearby, and open arms to anyone new to the sport or the event.

The Jettribe crew, which consisted of Derek Correll and Jeremy Schendelmayer, did a great job putting the Jettribe booth together and helping people at the event to get gear and stay warm. Derek and Jeremy could not stop talking about the one-of- a- kind weekend, with so many stories to share it made the rest of the Jettribe Crew start to make arrangements for possibly going next year, as should you! Thanks Nick for putting on a great event once again, Thrust Innovations for sponsoring it, and the Grand Seas Resort and the City of Daytona for having such a beautiful location for the Daytona Freeride to keep going. The racing season is slowly getting started so remember to ride safe with Jettribe, the #1 Jetski Racing Gear and Apparel Company out there! Don't be the only one caught without Jettribe!