The gang from Jettribe have been out traveling the world and promoting PWC Racing once again. This time, they were in Malaysia with IJSBA World Champion Gyorgy Kasza and it looks like everyone had an exciting time. The entire story is below:

2018 Danga Bay PWC Challenge - Malaysia

We had such an awesome experience with the Jettribe International Team this past weekend at the 2018 Danga Bay PWC Challenge in Malaysia. For Factory Rider Gyorgy Kasza and Team Rider Ildi Vasari, the experience was truly unforgettable. The culture of our Malaysian friends is unique, very friendly, open, and they treated us like a true family.

We cannot thank the staff at Atlantis Marine enough for their hospitality. They worked tirelessly throughout the week, and provided two SeaDoo Sparks and an RXP 300 for our riders to use during the race, as well as the Course Marshall boats. As soon as we stepped off the airplane we were in good hands - from the ground transportation, race skis prep, holding, fuel, etc. We honestly never have had such support and a nearly stress-free international event in a long time.

Both Atlantis Marine and Meganrata came together to run an exceptional event. We also have much admiration to the Course Marshalls who were the first on the water, and the last to leave. We learned a lot of great things about how the event was run. One highlight was their junior rider program and the "time attack" race. Junior riders followed the Course Marshall around the track, one at a time, and were timed on their speed. This helped keep the junior's safe, but also got them to experience a real race course. This is something we will share with the world at other events. The junior riders were so happy to meet with our riders and get autographs. Many friends and life-long relationships were formed this weekend.

Hats off to our partners BRP Malaysia and BRP Asia, Atlantis Marine, Xtreme Machines, and Meganrata for supporting this event.

The race site at the Country Garden in Danga Bay had beautiful sand beaches, which sat beneath the hotel towers in this tourist hot spot. It is times like this that make us appreciative that we have the ability to travel and share the love for the PWC sport. Events like this makes everyone in the Jettribe family grateful.