2013 Blowsion Surf Slam is one for the record books! It was a perfect weekend for the event. Cloudy skies and rain were present on Thursday for setup, but Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday was filled with blue skies and sparse clouds. We cannot give enough credit to Johnny and his Crew at Blowsion for how great the event ran and for hosting the Jettribe Crew and Trailer!

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With unexpectedly great weather in Pacific City, Oregon the turnout was great! The beach was covered in trailers, jet skis, spectators and vendors. The surf did not let up in the slightest it seemed, but that was bonus for the riders to show off their latest tricks and stunts. There were numerous record breaking wins, tricks performed, and new friends that were made.

Jettribe only makes it that far up north but once a year and it is always a pleasure to have a breath of fresh air in the small welcoming town of Pacific City, Oregon. It took 2 days and a little more than 1100 miles for the Jettribe Truck and Trailer to reach Oregon but it was worth it, as always. The Jettribe crew always has the ideal location to watch the riders, show customers and riders new gear, and to hear the music.

Thanks to Mike Young and Dawn Dawson for being an awesome team for announcing and keeping the crowd informed and the racers and riders up-to-date with where they were supposed to be and when. It was a blast and an honor to be a part of the Blowsion Surf Slam this year. Once again they rolled out the red carpet for the Jettribe crew and trailer.

We owe George and Neil from the Blowsion Crew many thanks for parking our trailer on the beach, getting it out of the sand once we left, and also for saving our VIP spot to park the truck. CarolAnne Giustina, one of the leaders in IFWA Technical Division, and her crew with On Course Events blew everyone away with the amount of work they did and how well it paid off. It was great to see Mark Matsuda, the IFWA President present as well as the other leader for IFWA Technical Division, Marcelo "Tchello" Brandao.

For the first time ever the Monster Energy FMX Team participated in the Blowsion Surf Slam helping to make it an even bigger hit! The Monster Energy FMX Crew raved that the Blowsion Surf Slam was the most fun, and easiest event they have participated in considering that they were worried about the sand on the beach. With one of the greatest motocross freestyle groups participating in the Blowsion Surf Slam we hope this will just be the beginning of their participation. Another first for the event was the Jettribe and Blowsion Jetski which is green, white, and black custom standup. It was more than stunning; it gleamed bright in the sunlight and not only was the paint job custom but under the hood might shock you as well. Keep an eye for the specs that make this Jet Ski run so magnificently.

It was certainly a great free ride with Jake Montandon, Brandon Lawlor, and Wesley Krautkramer, Stanton high, Zack Bright, Yannick Pansard apart of the IFWA Freeride and taking the podium in the order listed. In the overall and Pro moto races Mark Gomez received 1st, David Redinger came in 2nd, and Aaron Newport came in 3rd overall. In the PRO/AM Class there was Ryan Newman for 1st, Michael Perry came in 2nd, and Joe Morneault received 3rd. It was a weekend that will not easily be forgotten and Jettribe is already looking forward to this event in 2014, will you be there? We hope to see you all in Lake Havasu City, Arizona for the World Finals October 5-13! Be safe and have fun riding your PWC before the season is over, and remember to never get caught without Jettribe!